Kanye West Surprises Fans As He Reveals His New Year’s Resolution

Kanye West has been full of surprises this year. The 39-year-old rapper has seen his fair share of ups and downs during 2016, but his latest announcement has shocked fans in a whole different way.

When asked if his New Year’s resolution involved taking over the world, Kanye had a surprising answer for his fans. A photographer stopped West as he was leaving a gym class in Los Angeles when he figuratively hit him with the surprising reply.

According to Billboard, West said he just wants everyone to be happy. Awe!

“The photographer asked ‘Ye if his resolution was to take over the world. “Nah,” West responded. “I just want everybody to be happy.”

Hearing Kanye say he just wants everyone to be happy and doesn’t wish to take over the world in the new year is like a breath of fresh air given all the drama surrounding the controversial rapper. West was recently hospitalized for exhaustion following a prescription pill mishap and his wife’s, Kim Kardashian, traumatic Paris robbery. It’s no wonder Kanye has been acting strange lately (i.e. his Saint Pablo tour cancellation following random rants) after everything his family has been through in 2016.

Kanye West reveals his New Year's resolution
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And that’s what makes his New Year’s resolution even more surprising. One would assume Kanye would be striving to get back on top and dominate the industry following a rocky 2016, but that’s not the case. He just wants everyone to be happy. Perhaps it has something to do with welcoming his second child into the world, but it seems Kanye may be starting to focus on other things, like family.

In the video posted by X17 Online, Kanye can be heard wishing happiness to “all the families” as the photographer says “all the happiness to you and Kim.” It may surprise fans to see West being so positive as he thanks the photographer for his well wishes and reciprocates them as he continues walking towards his car.

The video has received almost 30,000 views since being posted on December 27, and fans have taken to sharing their opinions in the comments. Most viewers seem to be a bit annoyed with the photographer as they tell him to leave Kanye alone.

“Just leave him alone! No wonder he keeps on going insane.”

While others send positive messages to West, saying them love him and to keep his head up.

“…keep ya head up and don’t let media…nor idiots bring you 2 ruins”

Kanye West reveals his New Year's resolution
Kanye West meets with Donald Trump [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Vibe also covered Kanye’s surprising New Year’s resolution, saying he’s keeping self-care at the top of his list as he goes into 2017.

“From his demeanor in the visual, the Chicago native is looking to attract only positive energy despite the straining fourth quarter that landed him in the hospital for bouts of mental and physical exhaustion.”

The site added that after canceling his tour and being released from the hospital, West met with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss certain issues.

“On the agenda, West said those issues included “bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago.”

West’s agenda with Trump may indicate his seriousness about having a happy, healthy, and positive new year as he wishes happiness to everyone. Recently, Kanye posted a family holiday photo to Twitter proving he did attend mother-in-law Kris Jenner’s annual Christmas party with Kim and their kids. However, it’s been reported neither Kanye nor Kim fully enjoyed themselves as they attended the family celebration.

Hollywood Life reports West didn’t seem to recognize it as a holiday as he acted gloomy during the event.

“Everything about Kim and Kanye at the Christmas party was awkward, not just that picture of them with the kids. Kim and Kanye were separate most of the evening. They hardly enjoyed themselves at all and seemed to be at the party simply out of family obligation.”

Hopefully, though, Kanye’s New Year’s resolution is a sign the rapper intends on getting the help he needs to get back on track not only for his sake but also for Kim and the kids.

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