Sex And Marriage With Robots Could Be ‘Right Around The Corner’

Human romantic and sexual relationships — those intricate enigmas that sometimes end in heartbreak or regret. Or, worse, they end in massive alimony payments, expensive child support payments, child custody battles, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, or nasty divorce proceedings. While many couples avoid these and manage to have happy, fulfilling relationships and sex lives, many do not. Sometimes people pick the wrong partner, or sometimes they are simply not suited to live with another individual because it requires compromise. What is the solution for these individuals? A life of being single and dedicated to work or another passion or calling?

sex with robots could lead to marriage with robots?
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Maybe not. Maybe for some, the answer is a robot. Yes, a robot — one that can be programmed to respond in particular ways, be they conversational or sexual. These are robots one could have sex with — sex of any type. The personal physical characteristics of the robot could be special-ordered to fit the likings of the human owner.

According to News 18, the robots could be available within months. Lynne Hall, of the University of Sunderland in England, said that sex with robots could be a fantastic alternative when people want to avoid the snares that human relationships and encounters may bring.

“There are a lot of benefits to sex with robots. Its safe, you never catch any disease, and you can control it. We are somehow fed with moral panic…’It’s disgusting, nobody will ever have sex with a human again.'”

Artificial Intelligence expert David Levy of England agrees.

“But people are regularly watching porn, and they are still having sex with humans. As sex with robots becomes more commonplace, we shall come face to face with the very real possibility of marriage to robots.”

Levy also stated that robots could have all the personal attributes that many people desire — kindness, attentiveness, humor, and would not be jealous, aggressive, or arrogant unless that’s what was desired. He also believes that the software used to create personality in these robots could have limitless attributes and that marriage to a robot will likely be possible by 2050. He says he believes we will see a societal shift to the acceptance of love, sex, and marriage to robots.

sex with robots could lead to marriage with robots?
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According to the Hawaii Reporter, robots could save humanity from human sex, but does it need saving from human sex? Many would argue that yes, it might, as sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in many countries and children being born in poor economic conditions cannot be properly cared for.

However, according to News 12, there are significant problems that sex with robots could cause. One of them is that people who are already married to humans could decide to take on a robot lover, designed to have the measurements few humans achieve, and be willing to do sexual things that a human partner may not. Therefore, it’s theoretically possible that human intimacy may be a lost art. The moral dilemma surrounding laws that may permit marriage to a robot in the future may be hotly debated, and psychologists have concerns about lost social norms such as the ability to feel empathy and to learn compromise — because there will be no need to. A robot companion could theoretically be happily tucked into a closet for days.

But many experts say that whether we like it or not, it is coming. Adrian Cheok, computing professor at City University London and director of the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore, says the prediction of marriage to robots is accurate, according to Acculturated.

“People assume that everyone can get married, have sex, fall in love. But actually many don’t. A lot of human marriages are very unhappy. Compared to a bad marriage, a robot will be better than a human. That might seem outrageous because it’s only 35 years away. But 35 years ago people thought homosexual marriage was outrageous.”

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