New Jersey Infant Dies Two Days Before Christmas — Babysitter Accidentally Dropped Baby Earlier This Week

What should have been a very special first Christmas for New Jersey couple Mark Modzelewski and Nicole Nicastro with their 3-month-old infant has shifted towards being a very sad one.

A 3-month-old infant from New Jersey has died after being accidentally dropped by his babysitter earlier this week. On Friday – just two days before Christmas – Mark Modzelewski and Nicole Nicastro made the decision to take the infant from New Jersey off life support. Reece Modzelewski – the New Jersey infant and the couple’s only child – died just minutes after being taken off life support.

Mother and baby hands
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After making what was likely the hardest decision this New Jersey couple has had to make during their life, the father took to Facebook to talk about the death of his infant son.

“A lot of people have had children in the past few months and I was kinda hoping that Reece would be able to meet them, play with them and go to school with some of them over the upcoming years, but that won’t be possible anymore.”

The New Jersey infant had been in the hospital since Tuesday following an unfortunate accident. He was in the care of a member of the family when officers arrived at the home to find little Reece unresponsive.

Per the family member who was babysitting the infant at the time, he “accidentally fell from her arms and hit the floor with his head.”

When New Jersey police and emergency medical officials arrived to the scene, several attempts were made to revive the infant. Unfortunately, the CPR performed on little Reece was unsuccessful. After medical officials were unable to revive the infant, he was transported to Hackensack University Medical Center where he was placed on life support.

According to People, the identity of the family member babysitting the infant at the time has not been made public. This is likely to protect the family member from public shaming. It is also currently unclear as to whether or not the family member will face any criminal charges because of the accident.

Whether or not the babysitter will face criminal charges largely depends on whether it is determined that the incident was just an accident and if the parents of the New Jersey infant decided to press charges against the babysitter.

Benjamin DiFranco, a friend of the New Jersey family, started a GoFundMe page in order to help raise money for the family during this tough time. On the GoFundMe page, Benjamin noted that if the infant managed to survive being removed from life support, he would “have no quality of life; not being able to walk, talk or function on his own.” The point of the statement the family member made being that continuing to provide care for the infant would be expensive – as would putting the infant to rest if he didn’t survive being taken off life support – and the family could use financial support.

The family member referred to the New Jersey couple’s decision to remove the infant from life support as, “one of the hardest [decisions] anyone will ever have to make.”

The day before the infant was taken off life support and passed away, his father wrote a very moving post on Facebook about his son.

“My little baby boy is dying and there’s nothing I can do to help or comfort him. I don’t know if he can hear, see, taste or touch anymore. My heart has been torn out of my chest.”

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Candles burning [Image by ohm_stockphoto/ShutterStock]

People from around the world have left kind and supportive words for the New Jersey couple in the comments on the father’s Facebook posts. Please take a moment to give your children a hug and kiss and then tell us how this sad ending to this unfortunate accident makes you feel in the comments section located down below.

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