Tom Hardy Is Out For Revenge And Looking Mean As Ever In New Trailer For ‘Taboo’

A new trailer for Taboo, a British mini-series starring Tom Hardy and Jonathan Pryce, has just been released. You can watch the trailer below.

“Set in 1814, the drama — which is based on a story Hardy devised with his father Chips — will see the Mad Max: Fury Road actor play James Delaney, an adventurer who uncovers a dark family conspiracy upon returning home from Africa with the aim of avenging his father’s death,” Jacob Stolworthy writes in a preview of the show for the Independent. “Perhaps most excitingly, Taboo will mark another venture into a British period setting for Steven Knight, the man behind popular BBC series Peaky Blinders — the fourth and fifth series of which was recently confirmed by the BBC.”

Taboo is produced by Hardy, Knight, and Ridley Scott, among others.

In the new preview, Hardy’s character Delaney is seen returning to England, much to the surprise of all who set eyes on him. In a series of cut scenes, people are seen gasping at the sight of him or mumbling “Dear God… There walks a dead man” or “They said you were dead.”

When one man tells him “You look the same,” he replies “I’m not.”

Much of the rest of the trailer consists of brief clips of eerie scenes that hint at the “dark family conspiracy” and Delaney’s past without giving too much away.

In one instance someone yells “That man will hang for treason.” In another, someone shouts “Just kill him.”

It’s an intense and intriguing trailer.

Taboo is a joint production of BBC One and FX, Variety‘s Seth Kelley explains. The show is set to premiere on BBC One on January 7 in the U.K. and on FX on January 10 in the U.S.

Since being nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in 2015’s The Revenant, Hardy has played a recurring role as Alfie Solomons in Peaky Blinders. He has also starred as American gangster Al Capone in the upcoming biopic Fonzo and as Farrier in the forthcoming Dunkirk, which tells the story of the World War II battle for the city of the same name. Both films are scheduled for release in 2017.

It’s been announced that Hardy will be gearing up to reprise his role as Max “Mad Max” Rockatansky in Mad Max: The Wasteland, and there are rumors that he’ll be making an appearance as a stormtrooper in Star Wars: Episode VIII, according to his IMDb profile.

Tom Hardy lost the Best Supporting Actor Oscar to Mark Rylance for his role in Bridge of Spies. Hardy also lost a bet to his The Revenant costar Leonardo DiCaprio over the Oscar. DiCaprio had assured Hardy he would get an Oscar nomination for his supporting role in the film. Hardy doubted him and the two made a wager on the prospect, with both agreeing to get a tattoo of the other’s choosing if they lost.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Hardy has promised to get a tattoo reading “Leo knows everything,” in DiCaprio’s “sh*tty” handwriting.

Hardy has made promises to get tattoos in the past and followed through with it. He has the name of his agent, Lindy King, tattooed on the inside of his arm because he promised to do so if she helped him make it to Hollywood.

Ridley Scott is currently acting as a producer for several projects. The most recent film he directed was The Martian, starring Matt Damon, in 2015. Alien: Covenant is in post-production, according to IMDb.

If the trailer for Taboo is at all representative of show in general, there’s a gritty Tom Hardy mystery-thriller just around the corner. There are currently eight episodes of Taboo listed on IMDb.

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