Amanda Stanton’s Ex-Husband Speaks Out About Josh Murray Split: What Caused The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Break-Up?

There is drama in Paradise once again. While Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton have not made an official announcement to their fans yet, it is being reported and is becoming very obvious the two are no longer together. Stanton and Murray are the second Bachelor in Paradise couple to part ways in less than a month. While fans of Josh and Amanda were hoping the break-up reports were just a rumor, it is looking like their engagement is indeed over, and now sources close to the couple, including Stanton’s ex-husband, are speaking out.

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray not long before their split
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Reality Steve was first to report Josh and Amanda’s split. Steve shared news of the break-up even as Murray made social media posts to try and disprove the rumors. As the rumors continued, it became more and more clear that Stanton and Murray were over. Josh shared a photo of himself on Instagram holding one of Amanda’s daughters and captioned it, “I will always love this precious little angel.”

To further back up the clues that Amanda and Josh have ended their engagement, Reality Steve took to Twitter to announce that Josh was moving back to Atlanta. Steve also shared a photo that Josh had posted showing Sabel, Josh’s beloved dog, riding in the backseat of the car. Murray also took to Twitter to say he didn’t realize how cold it was in Atlanta and needed some winter clothes. All this follows a cryptic tweet put out by Josh just a week ago which said, “I can see clearly now…”

So what caused this break-up between Amanda and Josh? E!News revealed that a source told them Stanton and Murray split due to Josh’s bad temper. The source also shared that while the couple would argue and split temporarily in the past, this seems more serious and probably permanent. US Weekly also reported on the split and said a partial cause was a disagreement Josh and Amanda had over Stanton’s girl weekend in Tahoe with her fellow cast mate, Ashley Iaconetti.

According to the report, Stanton had told Murray she had not been drinking during her weekend away, and Ashley blurted out that she and Amanda had not been that drunk since Tahoe. This started a fight between Josh and Amanda, and Murray allegedly left Stanton at the KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball. The couple never recovered from this last falling out.

The source who spoke to US Weekly admitted that Josh had been unhappy in the relationship for some time, but he continued to try and work it out because he loves her two daughters. Josh and Amanda had only been engaged since the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise that aired in early September.

While the split was probably rough for Stanton, Murray, and Amanda’s two little girls, there is one person who is happy they are done. Amanda’s ex-husband, Nick Buonfiglio, shared with US Weekly that he is glad Josh is out of the picture. Nick reportedly said he was glad Josh would no long be around his two daughters. Buonfiglio said, “Thank God he’s gone from them!”

Buonfiglio had been in the spotlight a few months ago when it was reported he was taking Stanton to court to gain more visitation with his girls. He said, “The only reason I am taking her to court is because I want more time with my kids, which I’ve been getting, but it needs to be court-documented.”

Stanton and Murray were not the only couple to part ways recently. Lace Morris and Grant Kemp also broke up and went their separate ways. The only couple still engaged and planning to marry from season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise is Evan Bass and Carly Waddell. Bachelor in Paradise will return next summer.

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