WWE News: Randy Orton Talks Possibly Turning On The Wyatt Family And Changing His Wrestling Gear

When Randy Orton joined forces with The Wyatt Family, many fans thought that it would be a short-lived alliance. They have all been expecting him to turn on Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, but that hasn’t happened, and now, they’re the SmackDown LIVE Tag Team Champions. Orton has turned full-on heel in his allegiance with the family, but will there come a time when he turns on them?

As with all WWE stables, there is usually a break-up at some point as one person turns on the other. For now, Orton seems to have found his place with The Wyatt Family and things are coming along nicely as his career has had a change of pace and been refreshed.

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Upon joining his new stable, it was obvious that Randy Orton and Luke Harper had some differences and it seemed as if they wouldn’t get along. Things have since smoothed over, but Orton spoke with Tom Clark’s Main Event, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc., and “The Viper” knows that a turn is in his future and he’s looking forward to it.

“[Harper]’s great. Like, before I was injured, I was supposed to work with him in a singles match, I think in the pre-show of Hell In A Cell in 2015. And I was looking forward to that. We’ve never touched. And somewhere down the line, I’m sure that’ll happen too.”

Now, as for whether Randy Orton is turning on the Wyatts anytime soon, he certainly isn’t going to give that away as WWE wouldn’t be too pleased. He did go on to say, though, that “for now and the next long while, I see my future being with them and dominating SmackDown.”

It will be interesting to see how things go when Erick Rowan returns from injury as he has been out since September with a torn rotator cuff. Rowan is a part of the SmackDown LIVE roster, and PW Mania reported he released another teaser video recently of him revealing a new sheep mask to wear upon his return.

Speaking of wrestling gear, Randy Orton also spoke about the possibility of changing up what he wears in the ring after joining the Wyatts. He has been wearing a hoodie jacket to the ring, but he still appears in the same ring gear that he has always worn.

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All fans know that the Wyatts have a unique look about them and they are quite the backwoods-type of superstars. Ever since joining forces with them, Orton has kept the same ring gear that he has always had, but Wrestling Inc. reports that he is thinking of changing things up.

“Yeah, [being a part of The Wyatt Family is refreshing]. I almost want to change up my gear, but I’m not quite sure where to go with it. Like, I need to find out who made Bray’s stuff. It’s kind of like a Baron Corbin-esque like thing he [has] got going on. I should say Baron’s got a Bray Wyatt thing going on, but either way, I’ve been in the same gear for well over a decade. It’s cool to see guys kind of evolve and that are always changing things up and I’ve never been like that.”

Orton made his WWE debut back in 2002, and he has been a babyface, a heel, and been part of some different stables. This is truly the first big change that has happened in his wrestling career, though, and it looks as if he’s having more fun in the ring than he has had in a long time.

Randy Orton’s new alliance with The Wyatt Family is one that the fans have latched onto and one that has been extremely successful. In time, it appears as if he will part ways with them as often happens in WWE, and he publicly admits wanting to feud with Luke Harper. Well, that’s going to end at some point, but before then, fans may see even more differences in Orton including a change to his wrestling gear.

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