‘Married To Medicine’ Dr. Heavenly Kimes Says What Viewers Didn’t See Lisa Nicole Cloud Do During Marriage Argument

The latest episode of Married to Medicine featured Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Lisa Nicole Cloud in a very tense and heated argument over Lisa’s marriage to Dr. Darren Naugles. Heavenly accused Lisa of being delusional about her marriage and attempts at having another baby. Heavenly made it clear that she thought that Lisa’s marriage was rocky and so she shouldn’t be trying to have another baby, especially when Darren has told the other husbands that he doesn’t want another child. Heavenly even outright told Lisa that Darren’s a liar. Not surprisingly, Lisa did not take Heavenly’s comments well. Lisa vehemently defended her marriage and Darren, proclaiming that Darren doesn’t lie but just doesn’t tell the complete truth sometimes.

Why was Heavenly so opinionated about Lisa’s marriage. Was Heavenly justified in saying what she did in the manner than she did?

As the episode aired on Sunday night, Heavenly, via Twitter, revealed that viewers didn’t everything that happened between her and Lisa. According to Heavenly, she reacted so aggressively towards Lisa and was so opinionated about her marriage because Lisa first criticized other people’s marriages. Heavenly explained that she just had to check Lisa after she was “downing” everyone else’s marriages.

Heavenly added that Lisa was “tagging” on everyone else’s marriages issues.

Still, Heavenly does admit that she could have spoken to Lisa differently. In response to a viewer who tweeted that Heavenly just told Lisa what she needed to hear, Heavenly conceded that she could have said what she did in a nicer way.

In response to criticism over how she treated Lisa, Heavenly said that she felt bad for Lisa and was actually concerned for her.

Heavenly later admitted that her delivery was wrong yet also teased that viewers will see more come out regarding Lisa.

Heavenly also admitted that she was wrong for arguing with Lisa Nicole Cloud at Dr. Jackie Walters’ breast cancer charity photo shoot. On Instagram, Dr. Heavenly revealed that there was another photo shoot to make up for the one that an embarrassed and angry Dr. Jackie abruptly ended over the arguing.

In the comments, Heavenly confirmed that she did end up taking a photo later on to make it up to Dr. Jackie. Heavenly admitted that she and Lisa were silly to argue when there was something so much more important going on.

“lady_capricorn_25: @dr_heavenly so there was another photo shoot? Dr Jackie was so upset.”

“dr_heavenly: @lady_capricorn_25 Yes I had to make it up to her!.. I came…To take a photo I made it happen. So much serious stuff going on and we arguing about. Nothing. Smh”

Heavenly agreed with another viewer that it was unnecessary for her and Lisa to argue at Dr. Jackie’s event. Heavenly also again teased that viewers will see more come out regarding Lisa.

“hazeltoci:Lisa needs to know the truth cause she living in denial i love Dr heavenly..but that fight at Jackie’s event wasn’t necessary.”

“dr_heavenly: @hazeltoci I agree. I apologize!….. can’t wait for you all to see all this unfold!”

On her own Twitter page, Lisa Nicole Cloud hit back at Dr. Heavenly Kimes. Lisa tweeted that Heavenly was all up in her business rather than focusing on her own issues of being a better person.

Lisa maintained that she’s doing okay and is happy in her marriage. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, on season 3 of Married to Medicine, Lisa and Darren faced an allegation that he cheated on her with another man. A man outright claimed on-air to have had an intimate relationship with Darren, a claim that Lisa and Darren denied.

Lisa also apologized to Dr. Jackie for what happened at her photo shoot.

As for those who continue to criticize her decision to try for another baby, despite her age and fears for her health, Lisa, who has a blood clotting disorder, pointed out that having a baby is a very emotional decision and doesn’t always make sense.

On Sunday night’s episode, Heavenly and Lisa met up to discuss a relationship conference for married couples that they were doing together. They quickly disagreed about how to go about doing the conference, which then leads to Heavenly saying that Lisa was not qualified to make decisions about the relationship conference considering the state of her own marriage to Darren. Heavenly told Lisa that Darren’s a liar who has told the other husbands that he doesn’t even want another child with her.

“Darren does NOT lie. He just doesn’t always tell the full truth,” Lisa retorted.

Fresh off that confrontation, Lisa confronted Dr. Darren Naugles when he walked in the door after work. With tears streaming down her face, Lisa angrily asked Darren if he really did tell the other husbands that he doesn’t want another child and whether he’s lying to her about wanting another baby. Darren calmly explained that he just has worries about having another child considering their age and Lisa’s health and was just expressing his worries to the other men.

A preview for next week’s Married to Medicine episode shows that viewers will once see a lot of arguing at a group event, this time not between Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Lisa Nicole Cloud but between Quad Webb-Lunceford and Mariah Huq. Quad angrily confronts Mariah about gossiping about her, which Mariah denies. Toya Bush-Harris, however, confirms that Mariah was indeed talking bad about Quad behind her back.

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