Pamela Anderson Calls Julian Assange A ‘Hero,’ Says He Should Be Released And Protected [Video]

According to former Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson, WikiLeaks frontman Julian Assange is a “hero.” The 49-year-old blonde bombshell came out in support of Assange, saying that he should be free from the threat of criminal charges in the United States regarding his repeated leaks of classified government documents and private, confidential emails.

As Express UK reports, Pamela Anderson thinks that Julian Assange should be released from his self-imposed exile and even protected when he returns to the United States from his long-time home (some call it a prison) in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Assange took up shop at embassy in 2012 as a political asylum seeker. He had been charged with alleged rape (among other things) in Sweden and was placed “under arrest in absentia.”

If Julian Assange chooses to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy, police in the United Kingdom are under orders to place him under arrest and extradite him to Sweden for criminal prosecution (or to at least face the music for his alleged crimes.) Assange has repeatedly expressed his fears that he will be extradited from Sweden to the United States to face charges related to his WikiLeaks activities.

Julian Assange has been front-and-center throughout the U.S. presidential election cycle, with WikiLeaks repeatedly dumping information disparaging to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks organization even publicly claimed that Donald Trump would “never be allowed to win.” They were wrong.

While Pamela Anderson wants to see Julian Assange “freed,” the truth is that he is not being held against his will. He is free to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy at any time. However, if he does he will face immediate extradition connected to his Sweden rape allegations. He has never been officially charged with a crime, is simply under investigation. If Julian Assange can hold out until 2020, the Swedish charges will be dissolved.

In fact, he may be “free” even sooner. A United Nations panel recently ruled that Pamela Anderson’s “hero” Julian Assange is the victim of “arbitrary detention” and that he should not just be free to go, but also financially compensated by the UK and Sweden for his time in the embassy.

Unfortunately for Assange, the ruling by the UN-sanctioned Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) is not a legally binding one, and therefore won’t prevent him from being arrested (or ending up in hostile U.S. custody) if he walks out of those embassy doors.

Pamela Anderson (who often takes up political causes) has been a long-time public supporter of Assange, calling him a “hero” and even a “political prisoner.” Anderson even frequently hand-delivers fresh London food to Assange, telling the public that he deserves praise for exposing corruption, not self-imposed imprisonment. Not surprisingly, rumors that Anderson had “poisoned” Assange began to swirl after she was snapped by the paparazzi heading to the embassy. The Daily Beast reported on the baseless allegations, calling them nothing more than “conspiracy theories.” Other theories involve a budding romance between the unlikely pair.

In a statement released to the media, Pamela Anderson had nothing but good things to say about Julian Assange. She called the Swedish rape allegations “made up” and claimed that “everyone in the world” has benefited from WikiLeaks. A pretty rousing endorsement for a guy accused of rocking the U.S. election cycle to its core.

“He still cannot leave the Embassy of Ecuador in London while elaborate plots against him and made up sexual allegations could result in him being extradited to the US — where he would not be treated fairly — because of his exposure of truths. He is a hero. One day everyone will realize. But until now, this man has missed seven Christmases with his children and is kept in difficult and tremendously stressful conditions — while doing us all a great service. Everyone in the world has benefited because of WikiLeaks — he has sacrificed so much — to simply share the truth.”

The current administration hasn’t had much time or love for Julian Assange, but the WikiLeaks founder has expressed hope that the incoming POTUS might treat him a bit more favorably. Many of his supporters have expressed hope that Donald Trump may issue a presidential pardon for the WikiLeaks founder about his whistle-blowing activities. Pamela Anderson agrees.

“He should be pardoned and protected when set free. Along with Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning.”

For his part, Julian Assange has maintained his innocence about the sexual assault allegations that have been levied against him, calling the sex he engaged in with his accusers “consensual.” He has also denied any connections to the Russian government or using WikiLeaks to sway the 2016 election away from Hillary Clinton.

Until Julian Assange is “freed,” though, he appears to have an ardent ally and supporter in Pamela Anderson.

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