Farrah Abraham Says ‘Teen Mom OG’ Cast Could Learn From Her Parenting

Farrah Abraham has been criticized for being one of the worst mothers in the Teen Mom franchise. Not only does she not show too much compassion to her daughter Sophia, but she also sets a bad example of how to talk to adults in the way she always speaks down to her own mother. While Farrah wants to show the world that her mother has no respect for her, people are convinced that Sophia will start doing the same thing to her — and probably sooner rather than later. But Abraham is confident in her parenting, and she’s convinced that her Teen Mom OG co-stars could learn from her.

According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham is now blasting two of her co-stars in regards to their parenting. Interestingly, Farrah only wrote about Amber Portwood and Catelynn Baltierra. She left out Maci Bookout in her tweet, possibly because she’s now married and has three children. Or maybe Maci just doesn’t share too much about her life and her role as a mother that Abraham can criticize. But she did pick on Amber, who has openly struggled with a drug issue, and Catelynn who gave up her first daughter for adoption.

“Amber & Catlynn take notes on how to be a good mom & a full time mother you need all the help you can get. #ProudMom Sophia loves me,” Farrah Abraham revealed on Twitter, criticizing her Teen Mom OG co-stars.

And while Farrah Abraham believes that her co-stars could learn from her, including how she’s helping her daughter with homework and setting an example of her in regards to business and working hard, some people don’t think so. It sounds like Farrah is the only one who believes that she’s doing a good job as a mother. Many Teen Mom OG viewers think that Farrah should think about being a role model to her daughter and others hope that Sophia will find someone else to look up to.

“I really hope Sophia has better role models in her life than you. You aren’t a good mom or a full time mother. She’s a full-time something. But I’m pretty sure she’s still a “fulltime” pathetic individual. She just needs to go. Amber and Catelynn have more class in their little finger than you can ever hope to have,” one person replied to Farrah Abraham’s tweet about how she could teach her co-stars a thing or two about parenting.

And it sounds like some people are very protective of Amber Portwood, especially after the reunion special aired last week. Farrah Abraham kept saying that Amber’s boyfriend looked like a pedophile and Amber was furious that Dr. Drew didn’t speak out in defense of both her and Matt. She, alongside Catelynn and Maci, decided to walk off the stage in hopes of sending a message. They are tired of being the victims in these arguments with Abraham. And it sounds like Farrah’s followers have plenty to say about her comment.

“AMBER IS A GREAT MOM. SHE CLEANED UP HER ACT FOR HER DAUGHTER MEANWHILE YOU YOU SELLIN SEX TOYS,” one person wrote back to Abraham, while others added, “This makes me laugh so much lol. amber and catlynn are amazing mothers. better than you’ll ever be. you’re awful” and “I’ve never seen you once play or interact with your daughter on a one on one level.. You’re so wrapped up in yourself, you buy her love #Sad.”

What do you think of Farrah Abraham’s comments about how she can teach her co-stars about parenting? Do you think she’s delusional or does she have a point?

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