‘Kate Plus 8’ Spoilers: Kate Continues To ‘Make A Scene,’ According To Her Daughter

Kate Gosselin is nothing if not a controversial figure: she either inspires great loving or great loathing. And the latest Kate Plus 8 spoilers suggest that her troubled son, Collin, may actually be in more trouble than anyone previously thought, though through no fault of his own.

Warning: this post contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you do not wish to read Kate Plus 8 spoilers.

According to the latest Kate Plus 8 spoilers from Radar Online, the facility where Kate’s son, Collin, is currently getting treatment has been at the receiving end of several lawsuits over the course of its existence. The facility, which isn’t named to protect both the patients and the staff, was where Kate admitted Collin after he started showing “anger issues” as a result of his parents’ 2009 divorce.

The lawsuits have accused the staff and the facility of being negligent, and the suits even alleged that some of the patients — who were drug addicts and ex-convicts — got into physical fights that scared everyone else. Though the lawsuits were settled out of court, as the report from Radar asks, “is the preteen in good hands?”

Meanwhile, the latest Kate Plus 8 spoilers from Us Weekly suggest that we’ll be seeing more interpersonal drama from the family, especially if the kids have any say-so in the matter. Last week, Kate was caught on camera “making a scene” (in the words of her daughter, Cara) when she realized that she would have to touch bugs of all shapes and sizes when the family when to an insectarium while on a trip to New Orleans.

While no one is sure why Kate didn’t get the memo that an insectarium, as its name indicates, is a museum for insects, what we are sure of is that Kate was shown hooting and hollering as her kids enjoyed their time with the many-legged bugs. At one point, Kate even put the bug in her mouth (but why?) and spit it out, causing her to holler even more, much to the consternation of her bewildered children.

“I was so embarrassed,” said her son, Joel, of the incident.

Finally, the latest round of Kate Plus 8 spoilers from Celebrity Dirty Laundry suggest that upcoming episodes will focus on the ongoing custody dispute between Kate and her ex-husband, Jon. As the report indicates, Jon is interested in taking his ex-wife back to court because he wants joint custody of his children with Kate.

The report goes on to say that Jon is concerned about the well-being of his children, especially given the state of affairs with his troubled son, Collin. In addition to not knowing where, precisely, this facility is, Jon — according to the report — doesn’t believe that Kate is telling the truth about his children’s happiness, and he’s concerned about how, precisely, they’re being treated behind closed doors.

And though Kate has admitted that child protective services has investigated her before, as has been previously reported here on The Inquisitr, no charges or allegations of abuse have ever come out of their investigations. Certainly, given the tense nature of the former couple’s ongoing disputes, there’s no doubt that viewers will be in for some major drama in the episodes to come.

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