Meghan King Edmonds Daughter: ‘RHOC’ Star Calls Aspen A ‘Dictator’ And Shows Off Body

Meghan King Edmonds gave birth to her daughter a few weeks ago, as Aspen King Edmonds decided to arrive early. King Edmonds had prepared for her daughter to arrive on December 5, but Aspen arrived on Thanksgiving instead. Since then, Meghan has been focusing on her daughter, and she shared some updates about how things are going in their home in St. Louis. However, it sounds like Meghan was ready to step out last night, as she and Jimmy attended an event for Down syndrome. And she made an interesting comment about her daughter during this night out.

According to a new Instagram post, Meghan King Edmonds called her daughter the dictator of the home and was happy that she could enjoy some time away from the house with her husband. And while her comment about calling her daughter the dictator was hilarious, people noticed her postpartum body much more. People were surprised by how quickly her body bounced back after pregnancy.

“We escaped the dictator’s grasp to attend Albert Pujol’s O Night Divine for Down Syndrome,” Meghan King Edmonds revealed in an Instagram post, sharing a picture of herself with her husband, Jimmy Edmonds.

And Meghan decided to wear black to show off her postpartum body, and fans were surprised to see how quickly her body went back to her pre-pregnancy shape. Even though she called her daughter a dictator for running the house and probably controlling Meghan and Jimmy’s every move in their St. Louis home, fans were stunned to see her massive weight loss already. It has been just weeks since King Edmonds gave birth, but her body seems to be back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

Throughout the pregnancy, Jimmy was criticized for not being involved in the pregnancy. While Meghan King Edmonds has revealed that her husband is very much involved these days, he was criticized for skipping out on important doctor appointments and even playing golf instead of being by his wife’s side. But King Edmonds defended her husband earlier this year.

“I mean, the whole getting pregnant part he was like, ‘Oh, you know… like whatever. What’s going on?’ and [being a] total stereotypical guy,” Meghan King Edmonds revealed on Watch What Happens Live earlier this year about her husband’s role in the pregnancy, according to Bravo. “But now that I am pregnant, he’s always talking about the baby, and, ‘How’s the baby? Can you feel the baby?’ And it’s really sweet now that I’m actually pregnant. I think he just needed it to materialize a little bit more.”

King Edmonds decided to open up about her husband’s involvement during the birth. Since he had been criticized so much throughout the pregnancy, Meghan wanted people to know that he was indeed very active in the birth and had been the best support system for Meghan.

“From the hours leading up to the birth I had the most incredible husband, he didn’t leave my side. I could not have labored naturally without him and my doula. Jimmy was a constant source of support through every contraction, each blood-curdling scream and each time I told him I thought I was dying and couldn’t do it anymore,” Meghan revealed on Instagram after giving birth, according to Bravo. “He ran baths, helped me walk, helped me breathe, held my hands, essentially endured the burden of my pain for all 22 hours. I am so proud and impressed of the team we made to welcome Aspen, our bond is more unshakable than I ever imagined.”

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds’ comment about calling her daughter a dictator? Are you surprised that her body has already bounced back?

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