Angelina Jolie Reveals Confidential Information To Allegedly Discredit Brad Pitt After He Asks For More Visitation Time

Angelina Jolie wants Brad Pitt tested for alcohol and drugs, four times a month as a precondition for seeing the kids, the Daily Mail is reporting. The confidential information came to the foreground after Pitt insisted on more visitation time with the children.

A lawyer for Angelina Jolie, Laura Wasser, filed the order, and according to Pitt’s lawyers it is in violation of a privacy agreement. Portions of the order known as the “October Stipulation,” brings to light group therapy sessions of the former couple with the children and a psychologist trying to harmonize a visitation schedule for the World War Z actor.

Pitt’s lawyer, Lance Spiegel, said that the unauthorized filing was a knee-jerk reaction from the Jolie camp because his client had asked for more visitation time with his children. He said that the 41-year-old actress had refused to enter into any form of agreement and instead disregarded “a confidentiality agreement expressly designed” to protect the children.

“The minor children should be protected from embarrassment and stigma resulting from public access to information concerning their emotional status and their relationships with their parents.”

In a statement, Pitt opined that the Request For Orders became apparent when it became difficult to reach a child custody compromise with his alienated wife. He added that it was crucial to keep all court records sealed for the sake of the kids.

“I am extremely concerned that if court records regarding custody are not sealed, information therein will cause irreparable damage to our children’s rights. I am respectfully requesting that all custody-related pleadings be sealed.”

Laura in an email response to Spiegel had revealed that they were left with no choice, but to push the “October Stipulation,” after Pitt insisted on more time with the kids, despite reservations from therapists in charge of the visitations.

“You made it clear that Brad intends to file an RFO for increased custodial time next week and that nothing the therapists say during our meeting on Monday will change Brad’s position. Therefore, we will be filing this Stipulation…We have repeatedly attempted to avoid any court intervention. Brad’s position has made that impossible.”

Spiegel made known that the Stipulation would reveal classified information about the children regarding their therapy sessions as well as the names of the therapists. According to him, a full disclosure of that type of information would have severe implications. Pitt’s legal team included assertions from psychologist Phillip Stahl to buttress their point.

Stahl, an expert witness across 18 California counties agreed that the records be sealed for the sake of the children. The psychologist said in his experience, children were mentally scarred when made exposed to parental conflict and the adult details of a divorce. He added that the dangers of such damaging information could make the children take sides or become estranged from one parent.

Pitt’s legal team’s attempt to block custody issues from going public was denied by the judge.

According to the Daily Beast, despite the issues the former couple was having in their marriage, Jolie was the one keen to end it because she wanted to move to the UK to boost her chances of working for the United Nations. Jolie is already a Special Envoy to the United Nations. The role of UN secretary-general has been occupied by individuals with expansive diplomatic experience, but according to the story, Jolie had been convinced by individuals that she could land the job in future.

Despite a stellar movie career, the Salt actress has become a powerful voice, speaking out for disfranchised people. Jolie said she really saw the extent of the world’s problems while filming Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001 and has tried to make the world a better place since then. She has been responsible for charitable work in countries like Iraq, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Haiti, Syria and Tanzania.

A representative for the Maleficent actress debunked claims that the 41-year-old was leaving Los Angeles for the UK, adding that she was obligated towards attending therapy sessions with her estranged husband and six children. According to a Daily Mail story, two women Arminka Helic, 48, and Chloe Dalton, 37 with strong ties to the UN, allegedly told Jolie to leave her marriage and make the move to the UK.

According to a source, the Fury actor did not like the women especially Arminka who was brought in to handle Jolie’s public image meddling in family affairs. The 52-year-old actor called the relationship of the three women “a coven” and felt that his estranged wife gave up on the marriage because she was “brainwashed by her inner circle”

“Brad sees the women as a coven. He felt Arminka and Chloe who seemed to travel everywhere with the family were brainwashing Angelina from the start…They have always made decisions together—suddenly it was Angelina making them with her two advisers. He felt married to a politician all of a sudden.”

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