‘Gilmore Girls’: New Theory About Rory And Logan Will Surprise You

The Gilmore Girls revival left fans with more questions than answers as Rory and Lorelei continued to live their lives and weed through their never-ending problems together. After watching the new four-part series on Netflix, some fans have come up with a new theory about Rory and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Logan Huntsberger.

According to Us Weekly Magazine, Gilmore Girls fans believe that Rory and Logan’s relationship mirrors that of her grandparents, Richard and Emily. Fans of the show know that Richard and Emily met during their days at Yale, which is also where Rory and Logan met each other. Logan, much like Richard, comes from a wealthy, well-known family, who disapproved of their choices in women. It was revealed during the original series that Richard’s mother, Lorelai I, or “Trix” as he liked to call her, hated Emily and openly criticized her every chance she got. Logan’s mother, Shira Huntsberger, also opening criticized Rory when Logan brought her home for a family dinner.

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As if those Gilmore Girls parallels weren’t enough, there’s more. Richard was engaged to a woman named Pennilyn Lott, whom he eventually left to be with Emily. In the revival, Rory and Logan are sleeping together even though he’s engaged to a French heiress named Odette. Will Logan eventually leave Odette to be with Rory?

If this theory is true, and Rory and Logan are mirroring the relationship between her grandparents, they may be in for some heartache. As many Gilmore Girls fans know, Richard and Emily were partners in life. He ran his business, and she knew how to help in that by being a hostess, socialite, and more. However, while the two had a deep affection for one another and enjoyed spending time together, they never seemed to have a passionate spark between them. Could this be the future for Rory and Logan if they chose to be together?

While the similarities between Rory and Logan’s relationship and Emily and Richard’s life seem to run deep, there is one big difference. During the Gilmore Girls revival, it was revealed that Rory is pregnant. The cliffhanger offered no more information than the fact that Rory is carrying a child. It seems likely that Logan could be the father of the baby, which led many fans to believe that Rory’s life will actually be closer to her mother Lorelei’s than to Emily’s.

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Although Lorelei got pregnant as a teenager, she was on her own without a direction or any money. Rory has recently been down on her luck in her career, love life, and finances. She’ll basically be starting from scratch with a child to take care of, and if Logan is the father of her child, their relationship could end up being very much like Rory’s own parents, Lorelei and Christopher. Lorelei and Christopher decided not to get married, and Lorelei let Rory’s father go off to build a career and a life while she raised their daughter alone. Could Logan be Rory’s Christopher, and if so, is this all setting up for Rory to find her very own Luke, perhaps in the form of her ex-boyfriend Jess?

While no confirmation about more episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has been revealed, fans are desperately hoping that the series will return to Netflix for at least one more set of episodes so that fans can receive the answers they’ve been waiting for and get some closure on all of the storylines that were left so obviously open for another return to Stars Hollow.

What are your thoughts on the latest Gilmore Girls theories about Rory and Logan?

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