‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Deimos Gets Closer To The Truth, Abigail Plans Her Reunion With Chad, Hope Faces Danger, And Relationships Are Tested

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of December 12 tease that secrets will be revealed, relationships will be tested, and a big reunion will start to take shape. Abigail has been slowly reconnecting with her loved ones in Salem, and she is about to take the leap to let Chad know that she’s alive. However, his blossoming romance with Gabi could cause major waves on this front. Deimos is determined to figure out the truth about Chloe’s baby, and Hope is struggling in prison. What else can viewers expect from the next few episodes?

According to We Love Soaps, Eve and Nicole will share some heartfelt moments together as they talk about the losses they have both endured. Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Roman will pay Hope a visit behind bars and the two of them will meet with Hattie. The Marlena lookalike has asked for help, and the buzz is that she’ll get a bit flustered during her discussion with Roman.

Deimos has taken Philip and given him a truth serum and tough questions regarding Chloe, and her pregnancy will be asked. Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Philip will reveal some key information about the baby situation, but he may not reveal all of the pertinent details. Deimos will be developing a theory that he’ll soon run by Brady and as the week plays out, Deimos will feel certain that he’s getting close to finding out what the real story is regarding this pregnancy.

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Soap Central indicates that Kate will be lending her support to Adrienne as Adrienne copes with the bad medical news she’s facing, and Derrick will push Paul to be honest about his feelings for Sonny. Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that there will be an intimate moment on the way between Paul and Sonny, and Steve and Paul will be edging closer to figuring out the real deal regarding Eduardo.

Kayla and Steve will be sharing some romantic and sweet moments this week, but there is trouble ahead in Jade and Joey’s relationship. They will be struggling to handle their situation, and a medical scare could shake things up in a big way. Theo will question Ciara about her feelings for him, and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Ciara will have a hard time dealing with her feelings for Theo as his relationship with Claire blossoms. Also, Theo will face some difficult truths when it comes to Abe’s relationship with Valerie.

Chad will talk with both Rafe and Hope during the upcoming episodes as more regarding Stefano’s case emerges, and Hope will be scrambling behind bars to stay safe as Sheila and Coco make plans for her. Nicole will finally feel ready to move forward with Deimos, and it seems that the truth about the baby may be emerging soon.

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Gabi will overhear something in a conversation between Jennifer and JJ, and it seems that Gabi will decide to test JJ in some way. Will what she overhears be related to Abigail’s presence in Salem? As for Abigail, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Chad will start planning a memorial service for her as he looks to move forward and Andre will help her brace herself to reveal to her husband that she is still alive. Abigail will daydream about how this reunion will go, but she will face a big shocker when Andre ensures that she sees Chad and Gabi kissing.

There are developments ahead with Andre and his technology project, but obstacles may be coming on this front thanks to Eduardo and Dario, notes Celeb Dirty Laundry. What will Abigail do after seeing Gabi with Chad? Will Sonny and Paul reunite soon or are they destined to remain apart? Can Hope remain safe behind bars and how ugly will things get as more emerges regarding the Stefano situation? Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that there are intense moments on the way and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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