Kenya Moore And Matt Jordan: Was Jordan Just Happy To Be Dating ‘RHOA’ Star?

Kenya Moore thought she knew the man she had let into her home in Atlanta, but he turned out to be a very aggressive and violent person. Moore got a hint of his behavior when they traveled together in Mexico for a vacation earlier this year, as he broke down the hotel door when he learned that Moore had been texting people he didn’t like. The insecurities and fears of cheating and lying made him react and Kenya posted about this on social media. But on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Moore learned that Matt had violent tendencies.

According to a new tweet, Kenya Moore spent the majority of the night addressing people’s comments and questions about her relationship with Jordan. And people who were not fans of hers even reached out to her, asking her to please leave Matt behind so she could be safe. It sounds like many people were concerned about her well-being, and people asked her to please leave the relationship before she became the victim.

“I hope Kenya Moore leaves Matt to himself. He seems violent… #RHOA,” one person wrote to Kenya Moore after watching Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, to which Kenya replied, “I never saw it that way bc he was kind and never asked for anything. He was just happy to be on the team. 1.5 years later…#RHOA.”

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Jordan is seen kicking in her garage door and ruining her property. While Jordan has never physically touched or hurt Kenya Moore, it sounds like some viewers believe that this could easily be the next step in the relationship. And one person, who wasn’t a big fan of Moore, revealed that he really wanted her to move on from the relationship.

“I don’t agree with alot you do girl, but Matt isn’t right 4 you. I’ve seen this before girl please get out of it #RHOA,” another person wrote to Moore out of concern, to which Kenya replied, “It’s a process only a person it has to see it for themselves #RHOA.”

But some people were critical of Kenya Moore, pointing out that she may have overreacted. However, the follower seemed to have missed the point that Jordan was destroying private property, not his own property. While Kenya had been open to the idea of them moving in together, they were not living together when Matt decided to kick in the window in the garage.

“In most states when a person live with u y’all share a common household so Kenya he technically kicked his window u not a real victim #RHOA,” one person wrote to Kenya, clearly having misunderstood their relationship, to which Moore replied, “We do not live together what show are you watching?”

Before the episode aired last night on Bravo, Kenya Moore posted a message on her Instagram, sharing that no man will never be able to save themselves by lying about her.

“#RHOA tonight. No one will ever be able to lie on me again to save their own a**. Once you see it for yourself, the TRUTH is the only story. I have been the most honest and raw this season than I have ever been. There is NEVER an excuse for violence,” Kenya Moore revealed on Instagram before Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired on Bravo, sharing that she had moved on from the drama that would play out on the show last night.

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s messages about her relationship with Matt? Are you surprised that people are worried about her safety?

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