John Cena To Finally Win Intercontinental Championship At Royal Rumble?

Love him or hate him, John Cena is one of the most successful pro-wrestling superstars in WWE history. His undeniable charisma and incredible physique are the main reasons why he is one of the WWE’s most popular personality. This has led John Cena to have some opportunities outside of the company that ranges from movies to TV shows. So this has caused some concern within the WWE, as John Cena has been limited in his role in the WWE storylines for some time now.

According to Wrestling Inc, the WWE may not need to worry as John Cena is set to return on SmackDown on December 27. This seems to be in line with previous rumors that a major John Cena storyline is brewing that will culminate in a match final match at Wrestlemania 33. While all signs point out to the WWE going in this direction with John Cena, it seems like the company will let Cena deal with some unfinished business in his career by letting him win the Intercontinental Championship first at the Royal Rumble.

Aside from winning a multitude of pro wrestling titles which includes 15 World Championships, five United States Championships, and four World Tag Team Championships, Cena also has won the Royal Rumble match twice and one Money In The Bank briefcase. The only major WWE title to elude his illustrious WWE career is an Intercontinental Championship.

A report by Forbes is saying that the WWE may let John Cena have this white whale as he goes on to finish his career. While the end goal is for the WWE to let John Cena capture his 16th World Championship, a feat that will tie him up in overall World championships with Ric Flair, he will have to begin a storyline that lets him capture the Intercontinental Championship.

It could not have come at a much better time as the current Intercontinental Champion is The Miz since fans are already familiar with the John Cena and The Miz’ dynamics. Reviving their rivalry is definitely going to be fireworks for fans who witnessed the two go at it years ago. This could also give enough time for current WWE Champion AJ Styles to get through some unfinished business with Dean Ambrose and keep building his reputation up just in time for a blockbuster match with John Cena at Wrestlemania 33.

As for John Cena, he will start his feud with The Miz right around his return which will culminate at a match at the Royal Rumble where he will finally capture the Intercontinental Championship. Expect the WWE to keep drumming up the John Cena and the only title he has never won angle to get fans hyped up for this one.

John Cena and his much-awaited return is definitely big business for the WWE. A lot of fans are clamoring for the WWE to concoct some massive match between the Undertaker and Cena at Wrestlemania. This Intercontinental Championship angle definitely seems more plausible as it will keep Cena from stealing so much thunder from Aj Styles, who the company hopes to carry the company forward after Cena’s inevitable departure and Cena and an Undertaker final match at Wrestlemania 33 would be explosive.

Ending his career by capturing all the major WWE titles and finally tying the Immortal Ric Flair for his 16th championship at Wrestlemania will do more for John Cena’s legacy. Plus, he will get to finally defeat AJ Styles in a singles match which is something he has not yet done. A lot of firsts for John Cena if the WWE does decide to let him go the Intercontinental Championship route.

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