‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Struggles As She Faces Julian’s Demands, Jason And Curtis Face Trouble, And A New Villain Lurks In Port Charles [Updated]

Secrets are wrecking havoc throughout Port Charles during the week of December 12 according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Julian is pressuring Alexis to take care of him in exchange for keeping quiet about the accident and Valentin revealed that Lulu is Charlotte’s biological mother as many viewers had anticipated. Sonny is worried about what he thinks happened with Nelle and Hayden’s health is at a crisis point and Finn is desperate to save her. Where are things headed next?

Valentin shared more regarding Charlotte being both his and Lulu’s biological daughter and while it seems far-fetched in some respects, it sounds as if he will leave it at that and Lulu will start to embrace the idea of having a daughter. She will quickly have testing done to find out for certain whether the little girl is indeed her biological daughter and she will be asking about the results during Wednesday’s show.

However, according to Soap Central, Dante will be wary of this Charlotte and Valentin situation as the week continues and Lulu will lean on Laura for support. Lulu and Charlotte will spend some quality time together and fans can expect to see Nina rattled over all of this. Viewers have a hunch that there are still some twists and turns on the way with this storyline and will be anxious to see how it truly all fits together.

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Nelle has maneuvered Sonny into a very difficult spot and Sonny opened up to Jason about what supposedly happened between the two of them. General Hospital spoilers note that Nelle will cross paths with Sonny during Wednesday’s show and do some additional manipulating and while she promises to keep their supposed rendezvous a secret, it seems unlikely that she’ll keep her word. Nelle’s motivations in all of this still remain rather mysterious, but she will be sticking around Port Charles and manipulating Sonny, Carly, and Michael, from the sounds of things.

Jason and Curtis are getting closer to figuring out the truth about the car bombing and General Hospital spoilers indicate that they’ll make further progress during the coming episodes. Their investigation will put them in a difficult and dangerous position during Wednesday’s show and they will have someone new to question. At this point, most signs point toward Julian planting the bomb himself, but a new villain is said to be hitting Port Charles starting with this next episode and this newcomer may be connected to this case.

Hayden had been in denial regarding her health, but she is now in the midst of a serious crisis and Finn is frantic to save her. Finn gained some inspiration via Roxy and teasers note that he will decide to risk everything in his desperation to help Hayden recover. Maxie will be anxious to figure out Sam’s secret, seemingly the baby’s gender, and eventually, she will struggle with some guilt and lean on Felicia for support.

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Julian is pressuring Alexis to help him in his recovery in exchange for not ratting her out for the hit-and-run, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Ava will continue to be suspicious of this situation. Alexis will start to panic over the challenge she is facing in this regard and Ava will beg her brother to let her help him. In addition, Jordan will visit Julian and it seems that this interaction will generate some new issues for him to consider.

Carly is trying to work toward having the family come together for Christmas, despite all of the grief over Morgan’s death. She is working on smoothing things over with Sonny, but this Nelle secret is sure to cause chaos sooner rather than later. Anna has been quite anxious to figure out how she had previously crossed paths with Valentin and General Hospital spoilers hint that a familiar melody could provide the key for her to unlock her elusive memories.

Who will be the new foe in Port Charles and how much danger will Jason and Curtis be in as they work on this case? What more is there to learn about Charlotte’s parentage and what happens to Nina now that the little girl’s biological mother has been revealed? Can Julian’s antics with Alexis pave the way to a true reunion somehow? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get intense during the week of December 12 and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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