‘Below Deck’ Stars Kate Chastain And Kelley Johnson Talk Kyle Dixon’s Ashley Breakup, Ben Robinson’s Fakeness, And Kate’s Ex, Ro

After the Below Deck Season 4 finale episode aired on Tuesday night, two of its stars, Kate Chastain and Kelley Johnson, did an interview for the podcast show Watch What Crappens, where they talked about a wide range of topics from the show, including Kyle Dixon’s relationship with Ashley, their true feelings about Ben Robinson, how Kate felt about watching her relationship with ex, Rocio “Ro” Hernandez, and Kate’s past drama with Raquel “Rocky” Dakota.

On the season finale episode, Kyle proposed to his girlfriend from back home, Ashley, with a ring that he brought off of Kate for $1,000. During the interview, Kate, much to Kelley’s surprise, confirmed that Kyle and Ashley are no longer together. Kate revealed that just recently, after the breakup, Kyle stayed at her place for a bit, where he moaned about his split from Ashley while actually wearing the ring that she sold him to use as the engagement ring. Funnily enough, Kate also admitted that she wondered whether she could have her ring, which she brought as a present for herself years ago, in light of the fact that the engagement didn’t last.

“Yeah um Kyle came and stayed with me about a month ago for a couple of days and he was wearing the ring, the David Yurman ring, that I sold to him…He’s now in my apartment waving it around, saying how sad it is that Ashley and him didn’t get back together and I just thought it would be a bad time for me to be like, ‘Well then can I get the ring back?'”

Like Kate, Kelley also said that he has stayed in touch with Kyle since filming ended. Kelley said that he recently helped Kyle get a job in Fort Lauderdale.

As the Inquisitr reported, Kyle recently admitted that he and Ashley broke up and that he now has a second child with the mother of his first child. Yet he did say that despite the breakup, he intends to fulfill his promise to Ashley to take care of her after her gender reassignment surgery, which has not happened yet.

While both Kelley and Kate had good things to say about Kyle Dixon, the same can’t be said for Ben. Both Kate and Kelley claimed that Ben is fake. Kate went so far as describing Ben as a “shady” and self-serving person who only pretends to be your friend when it gives him some benefit.

“He only values our friendship when it benefits him…He’s just not real truthful. He’ll call you and act like your best friend and want to come visit you in your hometown…but then always has some ulterior motive that you realize three weeks later…If he feels like he’s going to make money or help his reputation in some way, um, then he’ll be a friend but if he thinks it’ll help his reputation to fight with you, he’ll do that.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ben Robinson issued a public apology to Kate for how he behaved towards her on the final night of filming. Yet Kate is now saying that the apology wasn’t real.

“That apology was never real and it’s just really frustrating. I don’t want to keep falling for it.”

Kelley agreed with Kate’s assessment of Ben, adding that he once caught Ben talking badly about him behind his back.

“He’s so convincing. Like after season 2, I didn’t want to have anything to do with him and I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll give him another chance this season,’ and there was something that happened mid-season when I came into the main salon and he was talking to somebody and he was just talking s**t on me and, I mean, I just kind of laid it out to him…it just shows his true colors in my opinion.”

Kelley said that while Ben has a good heart that sometimes shows itself, he’s ultimately selfish.

“He’s got a good heart in there somewhere, you could see it sometimes but problem is, as Kate said, he’s selfish. Like as long as it benefits him, he’s in for it. If it’s not benefiting him, it’s worthless to him.”

So what do Kate Chastain and Kelley Johnson think about Ben’s relationship with Emily Warburton-Adams? As the Inquisitr reported, both Ben and Emily revealed last week that the relationship is so serious that Emily has met Ben’s entire family and that Ben will soon meet Emily’s family. Do Kate and Kelly think he really has feelings for her or is he just using her to further his popularity, business interests, and continuance on reality TV, perhaps on a Below Deck spin-off? While neither Kate nor Kelley gave a specific reaction to Ben and Emily’s relationship, Kate did, when one of the podcast’s hosts wondered why a female cast member seems to fall for Ben every season, say that even Charles Manson had female admirers and that just because someone’s charming doesn’t mean they’re good.

Considering Kate’s comments about Ben during the podcast, viewers may very well see some very hard feelings between them on Season 5 of Below Deck, if there is Season 5, and if both Kate and Ben return. Will viewers also see Kate battling it out with Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, whom she frequently argued with on the third season? Not likely, according to Kate. Asked whether she was worried that producers were going to bring Rocky back for Season 4, considering all of the drama that happened between them in Season 3, Kate claimed that the producers didn’t want her back.

“Oh not for a second because as much trouble as Rocky gave me, she also gave production, so I think everybody was relieved that Rocky was not coming back.”

While Kate made it clear that she’s still not very fond of Rocky, she did admit that Rocky seems to be doing just fine post-Below Deck.

“I don’t know I think she has a very nice life actually. She does yoga, she skis…between Southern California, Hawaii and I don’t know, Colorado or Utah, one of them, that’s a pretty nice life.”

Judging from Raquel “Rocky” Dakota’s Instagram photos, she’s not just traveling around, but is doing so with a romantic partner.

Towards the end of the podcast interview, Kate also talked about her ex, Rocio “Ro” Hernandez, whom viewers saw make a brief appearance on the show. As the Inquisitr reported, after filming ended, Kate was arrested and charged with domestic violence against Ro. Since then, Kate has maintained her innocence. Kate told the Watch What Crappens hosts that she was actually relieved for viewers to watch her relationship with Ro air on the show.

“Actually I was kind of relieved when the episode came out because I couldn’t wait for everybody to see the general physical size and um, you know, the demeanor of the person I was dating.”

Unfortunately for Below Deck fans, they will have to wait until Season 5, if there is one, to possibly see Kate Chastain, Kelley Johnson, Ben Robinson, Kyle Dixon, Nico Scholly, Sierra Storm, Emily Warburton-Adams, and Lauren Burchell all together again on the small screen. As the Inquisitr reported, Kate confirmed after the Season 4 finale episode aired that the cast didn’t film a reunion show. Andy Cohen, who hosted the Seasons 1 through 3 reunion shows, last week admitted that he’s not sure why Bravo decided to pass on a Season 4 reunion show and that he wanted to do it.

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