WWE News: John Cena Mocks Donald Trump And Rob Gronkowski, Attacked By Fake Undertaker In ‘SNL’ Monologue

On Saturday night, WWE superstar John Cena hosted the weekly sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live,” and there were no holds barred during his appearance. The former WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion mocked NFL star Rob Gronkowski, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, and an Alabama football player. John Cena’s SNL monologue to open the latest show even featured fake versions of Rowdy “Roddy” Piper and The Undertaker from WWE fame.

According to Wrestling Inc, Cena hosted the comedy sketch show for his first-time ever on Saturday night. His opening sketch first involved cast member Bobby Moynihan coming on stage dressed as Santa Claus, before yanking off the Santa costume to reveal his mock Roddy Piper gear. Moynihan informed Cena that he was “The Waddler” in the wrestling world. Next, SNL cast member Leslie Jones confronted Cena as herself, followed by Keenan Thompson dressed in an Undertaker costume attacking Cena from behind with a chair.

In another sketch, Cena took on the role of an Alabama football player presenting a science project and trying to earn an “A+” so he could participate in the big Bowl game. Two fellow students presented intricate scientific explanations while Cena looked at the science of the banana. Hilarity ensued as it seemed the less-intelligent and fun-loving college football star was getting a bit of help thrown his way from the college judges.

He also poked fun at New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. In the skit, he appeared alongside cast members impersonating UFC star Conor McGregor and golfer John Daly on a game show where sports stars had to answer questions about how they’d spend all their money. The host of the fake game show chastised the sports stars for answering anything besides “No” as their response to the crazy questions.

Cena even tried his hand at mocking United States President-elect Donald Trump in a pre-recorded short. The sketch looked at life through the eyes of Trump with Cena donning a Trump hairstyle for the look. Cena, as Trump, admired himself for his big hands and other skewed views as the new president. It’s likely that Cena will get a pardon for any hard feelings by the president-elect as Trump is also a WWE Hall of Famer and good friends with WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

It’s also not the first time Cena took on the role of a show host, or of impersonating a possible future president. He hosted the latest installment of ESPN’s ESPYs award show earlier this year and also the Teen Choice Awards. During his stint co-hosting the Teen Choice Awards this past year with actress and singer Victoria Justice, Cena donned another political costume. For the awards show, Cena mocked Hilary Clinton in an absurd pink suit coat and wig.

WWE star John Cena as Hilary Clinton at 2016 Teen Choice Awards show. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Joining the WWE wrestling star on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live was a returning Walter White from Breaking Bad fame, portrayed by actor Bryan Cranston. In the cold open, Cranston’s White was announced in CNN breaking news as President-elect Trump’s choice for the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency. Country singer Maren Morris was the latest musical guest on stage, performing two of her hits during the latest SNL installment.

Cena’s performance seemed to receive relatively positive feedback on Twitter for his skills. As for Cena in the wrestling world, he’s been low key recently. The former champion was last seen losing in a Triple Threat match to AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose at a pay-per-view months ago. From there, he’s taken time off to focus on television and movie work, and there’s been no current news announcement that he’ll be in WWE’s Royal Rumble match or at the pay-per-view.

It’s believed Cena the wrestler will be doing more entertainment work like his former rival The Rock. [Image by WWE]

The Ringside News site has reported that former WWE commentator Jim Ross believes Cena will focus more on the entertainment world outside of the ring, similar to his former opponent Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.” While Ross says Cena is unlikely to wrestle much on a full-time basis ever again, a WrestleMania 33 appearance is one to circle on the calendar for April 2, 2017. As of right now, rumored opponents for Cena’s big match continue to be The Undertaker or current WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles.

WWE fans, if you saw John Cena’s Saturday Night Live hosting performance, how do you feel he did as the latest celebrity host?

[Featured Image by WWE]

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