An Inquisitr Exclusive Interview With Comedian Lynn Bixenspan: On Twitter Trolls, Feminism, And Donald Trump’s America

Ask around about the funniest feminist comedians working today, and a couple of names are bound to come up. Amy Schumer. Sarah Silverman. Leslie Jones. You can add a new name to that list: Lynn Bixenspan. The Long-Island-born, New-York based stand-up comedian, writer, and social media personality is making a name for herself as one of the funniest women working in comedy today. I sat down with her to talk about Twitter trolls, being a feminist, and of course, the reality of being a liberal voice in Donald Trump’s America.

These days, it’s hard to get by as a “creative” just doing one thing; you have to put yourself out there in a variety of different formats. For Lynn, that means she’s about more than just stand-up comedy. She’s a writer for various comedy outlets, she turns up on podcasts, and hosts her own monthly show, Relationsh*t, where Lynn joins comics – and a real therapist – to dole out “brutally honest” advice.

And Lynn has made Twitter her own. She uses it to share clever bons mot, hers and her own, delivering relevant and sometimes biting humor in 140 characters or less.

And then there was that time she trolled Donald Trump, Jr. back in 2013. This was years before the elder Trump became a national political joke, of course, but still.

Lynn’s Twitter shenanigans are, of course, cheeky and fun. But as a woman working in a sometimes-brutal industry – an outspoken feminist woman, at that – she’s more than aware of the dark side of Twitter. Trolls, emboldened by anonymity that social media provides, seem to take special pleasure in harassing women on social media, for no other reason than being women. More than one woman has been the target of vicious assaults on Twitter, like Leslie Jones.

And now that Donald Trump is about to become President, she’s concerned that it’s about to get worse.

“If you comment on one of Donald Trump’s tweets you can count on his supporters going to town on you on Twitter.”

Fortunately, Lynn hasn’t yet experienced that, personally, although she’s sure her day will come.

Better to be hassled by a hater on social media than in person, however. And with Trump within spitting distance of the White House, people have been hassling performers for their anti-Trump jokes. Or for their jokes in general, if they’re of a liberal bent. Even in true-blue New York.

“I’ve always done feminist, liberal material, and I guess there is a part of me that tightens up and gets nervous. I’ve been hearing about comics in New York City, and people have been just getting up and walking out.”

It hasn’t happened to Lynn – yet. But she tells me that she’s performed in the South, and there have been a few… let’s not call them “haters,” let’s just say, “dislikers,” who wanted to have a word with her after her act.

“In person, it’s more people who want to ‘correct’ my joke. I’m more concerned about how that will play out after the election.”

For now, Lynn’s focusing on the positive. The people who reject Trump’s America, who are always there to help people who have been “called out and harassed” by trolls. Even if those trolls are Donald Trump supporters, or Donald Trump himself.

Check out Lynn Bixenspan’s Twitter feed for updates on when she’s performing near you.

[Featured Image by Lynn Bixenspan, used with permission]

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