Liam Payne And Cheryl Wedding Bells Might Ring Soon As Expecting Parents Check Out Possible Venues [Rumor]

Wedding bells might soon ring for Liam Payne and Cheryl who are now searching for possible venues, a report claims. The lovers are expecting their first child together. According to a Mirror insider, the couple plans to have a destination wedding.

“One idea for the wedding is to get married in Cape Town next summer. They want to fly out their whole families and invite celebs across the world who they are close to. Cape Town has always been a healing place for Cheryl and she’d love it there. Liam would prefer something closer to home in England or Ibiza.”

Speculations about Cheryl’s pregnancy have been going on for months. A few weeks ago, she stepped out with Liam, and while they still haven’t made an announcement, Cheryl’s visible baby bump already spoke for the pair.

The two attended a pre-Christmas show and onlookers claimed that Cheryl responded with gratitude to fellow guests who congratulated her that night. Liam was reportedly protective of his girlfriend. Despite her refusal to speak publicly about her pregnancy, the reality show judge is “absolutely ecstatic” because for years, it has been her dream to become a mother.

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Meanwhile, Sharon Osbourne is the newest addition to the individuals who have sent congratulatory messages to Liam and Cheryl. The X Factor judge is expected to give birth in March despite the lack of confirmation from the couple.

The 64-year-old told Mail Online that she’s delighted over the news. “I haven’t spoken to Cheryl, I know her but she isn’t a mate. I wish her well, it’s fantastic. Yes, an X Factor baby. A baby is always amazing news,” she gushed.

Reports that Niall Horan unknowingly revealed the gender of Liam and Cheryl’s baby turned out to be inaccurate. Liam’s One Direction brother was seen walking out of a baby boutique in West Hollywood after purchasing pink gifts that were all placed in a fancy basket.

The gifts, however, were not for Liam and Cheryl’s baby, but for Ben Winston’s newborn daughter. Throughout the years, Ben has played a significant role in producing One Direction’s concert films.

Although Directioners cannot wait for the boys’ comeback, concerned fans will understand if the band needs further time away from the limelight. Liam still has to learn the ropes of fatherhood while Louis will need some time to recover from the death of his mother, Johannah Deakin.

No words can describe the grief of the fans who have seen Jay’s love and support for her son throughout the years. When Louis was just starting out, he loved sharing stories about Jay on The X Factor and how they consider each other as best friends. The boys even described Louis as the “Mommy’s boy” in the group. In 2011, when Jay parted ways with her second husband, Louis worried that he wasn’t there for her during a difficult time.

“It must be so much harder for her because I am living this fantastic life, whereas she’s still in that old life but without me. She always says that I’m like one of her best friends so it must be really difficult for her to not get upset and not miss me so much, I’m so far away.”

Jay remarried in 2014 and Louis stood as the Best Man. Louis is no stranger to fabricated stories but Jay stood by him. She defended him from time to time and once said that whenever Louis encountered a “bad press day,” he would say, “Come on Mom, let’s make someone happy.”

She was able to meet her first grandchild last March with the birth of Louis’ eldest, Freddie Reign. Freddie’s mother, Briana Jungwirth, posted a message on her Instagram promising that she would always tell Freddie stories about his wonderful grandmother.

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