Does Kylie Jenner Fear Tyga Will Dump Her For Ex-Girlfriend Demi Rose? [Rumor]

Kylie Jenner is convinced that Demi Rose is trying to outdo her when it comes to taking part in raunchy photo shoots, which is allegedly beginning to make Jenner feel a little jealous when it comes to her relationship with Tyga.

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie has supposedly been keeping up with Demi, who has taken part in endless photo shoots as of late — most of which are very revealing and leave very little to the imagination.

For reasons the source fails to mention, Kylie Jenner has found herself checking up on Rose’s social media update plenty of times — after all, Demi was said to have been the girl that Tyga was briefly dating during his one-month breakup with Kylie back in May.

According to the outlet, Jenner now feels as if she is competing with Demi on who can pose for sexier photos, convinced that Tyga is probably still checking out what Rose has been up to since the rapper’s split from the model in June.

A source alleges that Kylie Jenner feels somewhat threatened by Tyga’s ex-girlfriend with all the sexy photos she’s posted all over her social media pages. The photo shoots she has taken part in are undeniably stunning, which has reportedly prompted Kylie to step her game up and go one step further.

“Kylie Jenner loves Tyga with all her heart and always wants all of his attention,” the source shared, adding that she is still known to be “extremely competitive with other girls and models so she did not like it when Tyga was distracted for one second by Demi Rose’s latest magazine cover.”

“Kylie snapped into action, planning her next sexy shoot. After seeing Demi’s latest pics, Kylie wants her next shoot to be the hottest, sexiest set of photos ever taken.”

The insider continued by adding that Kylie Jenner feels very comfortable in her relationship with Tyga, but she would never want to find herself being outdone by one of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends — especially when it comes to sizzling photo shoots.

Demi Rose’s magazine covers and raunchy editorial pics have inspired Kylie Jenner to do the same, only with fewer clothes. Her main intentions behind this move are to not only remind Tyga what he’s coming home to every night, but also to rival against Rose in the hopes of never finding herself being upstaged by an ex-girlfriend.

The source concluded, saying that, “Kylie has worked hard to be where she is at and wants to stay on top of her game. She especially wants to stay the center of Tyga’s attention and affection.”

News of Kylie Jenner’s alleged rivalry with Demi comes just months after reports had alleged that the socialite was planning on starting a family with her boyfriend of two years.

The twosome have found themselves making endless headlines, with reports via Radar Online insisting that Jenner had allegedly told family and friends she was very much considering the idea of carrying her first child with Tyga.

In a recent interview, Kylie also shared that she sees herself being a mother of several children, without mentioning when she actually plans on making this goal of hers a reality.

But, what do you make of Jenner’s feud with Demi Rose? Should she be battling out with the model over who has the hottest photos? After all, she already has Tyga back — what’s the point in feuding with an ex-girlfriend, right?

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