Shayna Hubers: Nose Job Killer ‘Snapped’ When She Killed Lover Ryan Poston, Watch On Oxygen Tonight

The case of Shayna Hubers takes center stage again in the new episode of Snapped on Oxygen. Shayna Hubers, dubbed the “Nose Job Killer,” shot her boyfriend, Ryan Poston, to death in his Kentucky condo four years ago. The former college student was sentenced to 40 years in prison but has recently been granted a new trial. On tonight’s Snapped, acquaintances of Shayna Hubers and Ryan Poston will give some background information on the story, and the local police who worked and solved the crime will also weigh in.

Shayna Hubers on Snapped

They say Shayna Hubers is the perfect example of the crazy girlfriend who everyone should fear. Ryan Poston didn’t take his gut feeling about her seriously when they first began dating. The signs were all there. But the two kept having sex. One minute–the relationship was just sexual. The next minute–she was his girlfriend. It was an on and off roller coaster ride both physically and emotionally.

Twenty-four-year-old Shayna Hubers, by all accounts, was a smart and driven college student with model good looks. Ryan was a successful hot shot attorney with his own firm, making him the youngest in the state. But behind the scenes this handsome couple had a turbulent relationship. Lots of arguing and making up is what characterized it.

At times, Shayna indicated that Ryan had a dark side. He could be cruel and say mean things that would set her off. However, loved ones say that it was Shayna Hubers who made life miserable for him. In the past, Ryan Poston had tried to leave Shayna. But she wouldn’t go away. He would feel sorry for her, and they would end up back in bed. Highland Heights Police Chief Bill Birkenhauer said that judging by the text messages, Ryan Poston clearly wanted out of the relationship with Shayna Hubers, according to Cincinnati.

“It was on again, off again from the start. It was obvious from the number of messages sent from Shayna Hubers, as well as the lack of response from Ryan Poston… They were seeing each other on occasion, but Ryan Poston was clearly trying to break up or limit the amount of time he spent with Shayna Hubers.”

Whatever they dealt with during their volatile relationship came to a head in October 2012. That’s when Shayna Hubers made a frantic call to 911, telling dispatch that she had killed her boyfriend.

Snapped will reveal that when officers arrived at the Kentucky condo, they found a very dead Ryan Poston in a pool of blood near the kitchen table. Shayna Hubers told investigators that things got out of control after Ryan Poston called her family “hillbillies.” Then an argument ensued and became physical after Ryan began “throwing” her around the room.

To protect herself, Shayna Hubers claimed she shot him dead. Prosecutors allege that Shayna just wanted revenge after finding out that Ryan Poston was about to move on without her. Miss Ohio was a new woman in his life, and he had plans to meet her on the night he was killed.

Police say Shayna Hubers stormed over to Ryan’s home and killed him in a jealous fit of anger. A jury decided that theory was true and found her guilty, leaving her with a 40-year sentence.

Now, she has been granted a new trial after it came to light that one of the jurors was a convicted felon, ABC News reported.

Ryan Poston’s family members think it’s devastating that they have to go through another trial all over again. They only hope that it will have the same outcome and that justice will be served.

Did You Know?

Shayna Hubers became known as the “nose job killer” after she boasted that she had given Ryan Poston the nose job that he always wanted, according to the Daily Mail.

“He’s very vain. One of our last conversations we had that was good was that he wants to get a nose job,” Hubers was recorded on tape telling police. “And I shot him right here. I gave him his nose job he wanted. I broke it.”

Catch an all-new Snapped tonight on the Oxygen Channel at 9/8 p.m. Central.

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