‘Rogue One’ Release Date News: Launch Of ‘Star Wars’ Film Marred By Trump Fans

The Rogue One release date should be a great day for most fans of the epic saga but the days leading up to its launch are being slightly marred by some people who do not share the opinions of those behind the production.

As Star Wars fans approach the Rogue One release date some people have gone online to urge others not to support the latest installment to the epic saga because the people behind the production publicly voiced their dismay over Donald Trump.

Trump supporters lambasted Rogue One’s producers and writers for sharing their opinions about the president-elect, accusing them of politicizing a sci-fi film.

The #DumpStarWars hashtag has been making rounds online appealing to Trump supporters to miss out on the Rogue One release date all because the writers and producers of the film don’t like Donald Trump.

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During the presidential election, Chris Weitz, the screenwriter/producer who was hired to replace Gary Whitta in Rogue One, made his dismay over Trump clear when he posted an image on his Twitter account.

The image was the symbol of the Rebel Alliance but with a safety pin attached to it. For those who are unaware, the safety pin is considered to be a symbol of support for minorities.

Gary Whitta made his pronouncements against Trump much clearer by implying that the president-elect greatly resembles the Nazis.

Though the two individuals garnered support from several people for their public denouncement of Trump and his administration, they were also met with harsh criticisms from the real estate mogul’s die-hard supporters tainting the days leading up to the Rogue One release date.

Some Trump fans accused the people behind Rogue One as propagandists who are only using the movie to purport their beliefs that the president-elect is a bigoted and dangerous man.

There have even been claims from Trump supporters that the movie was reshot to further imply that the president-elect is a racist individual, although Weitz told reporters that they did no such thing.

According to BBC News, the “reshot” claims of Trump supporters started when Weitz and Whitta voiced their dismay over Trump’s election victory.

When Trump won the election, Weitz posted a statement online saying that the Empire in the Star Wars saga is “a white supremacist (human) organisation” and Whitta added that it is “Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women.”

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In the post, Weitz was allegedly referring to Donald Trump as the white supremacist, and the indication that the Rebel Alliance is led by brave women further denounces Trump due to his misogynistic treatment of women, which was made apparent when a video of him making lewd statements about women was made public prior to the election.

All of these pronouncements against Trump have irked his avid followers leading them to urge other individuals to totally miss out on the Rogue One release date, which is on December 16, 2016.

Prior to the Rogue One release date, one particular individual went so far as to post images of Donald Trump along Hollywood Boulevard in an apparent attempt to ridicule those who aren’t too happy with Trump’s election victory.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a street artist, who goes by the name Sabo, put up images of fake Star Wars posters, which featured the president-elect welcoming the Rogue One release date in a mockingly manner.

In the faux Star Wars poster, Donald Trump is featured along with his cohorts parodying the ensemble cast posters of the sci-fi flick.

Trump is featured prominently in the foreground while his allies sport smaller images in the background. Also in the poster is Hillary Clinton who is lurking in the background with a slightly terrifying image.

Sabo’s intention was to ridicule those who supported Clinton that despite their efforts and hopes that the nation will finally be led by a woman, the presidential election was still won by a “blowhard of a man’s man.”

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