Table Napkin Folding For Christmas & Winter Holidays That Brighten Your Table [Video]

Along with the hustle and bustle of gift buying on the holiday season, there is also the decorating and entertaining to consider, and those things take time, but the decorative folding of table napkins can add a subtle, festive touch to your place settings. Without having to buy any new items, you can fold your way to being a holiday legend.

On television and online, we see images of tables and buffets perfectly set with China, silver, and crystal, as well as table linens just for the holidays, with touches of red and green for Christmas or royal blue and silver for Chanukah. But Food Network host Nigella Lawson says that people put too much pressure on themselves to be “perfect” for the holidays, says the Inquisitr. Lawson believes in jumping into celebrating with both feet, and being yourself. Nigella says the holiday season is not the time to deprive yourself, but instead try having just a bit of everything you like.

Town & Country suggests that styling your cloth napkins like Christmas trees might be the thing that really impresses your friends this holiday season. And this video by Sand & Sisal actually makes this napkin folding look doable, and less like the crazy napkin origami of the ’70s. And while it’s not necessary, it will make your hostess (or host) game legendary.


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If you search YouTube for “napkin folding holiday,” you can seriously get yourself into the weeds with some crazy stuff that will have you losing sleep, but some seem to take into account that you might have a few other things to do this holiday season. And YouTube is surely the place for these things, because like smoky eye tutorials, it is best to see someone do it slowly, step by step.

Bustle has broken it down to a list of fun things you can do with your napkins this holiday season, taking into account that you might not want to go with all Christmas motifs. So wake up your inner Martha Stewart and get to folding!

If you aren’t ready for the advanced tree, you can try a simple one that looks like the elementary school drawing of what a tree should look like, but hey, you have to start somewhere. Are you the host of a Chanukah party this year and want your napkins to say something special? Try a Star of David napkin design.

But do you like the star motif, but prefer something a bit more non-denominational? Try this star with a Scandinavian motif. This next design is not just for the holidays but can be worked in year round if you adjust your napkin color. It is a cute and stylish pouch to hold your silverware.

Lastly, you can try an elf hat design to place in the middle of your plate, using forest green napkins. These would make cute additions to your kids table for any holiday party, and you can tuck in a bit of holly for a special touch.

But if you want to really intimidate your friends (or make them wonder if you have your own elf in the kitchen), check out these nine ways to fold your holiday napkins. Whichever shape you choose, styling your napkins to match your holiday is a great way to tie your table decor together.

Are you interested in trying some of these napkin shapes?

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