Netflix ‘The Crown’ Season 2 — Cast, Release Date, Spoilers, And More

The Crown, a Netflix original series, is set to return for Season 2. According to What’s On Netflix, the official release date for Season 2 of The Crown has not been confirmed. The Netflix fan website, however, has speculated Season 2 of this Netflix Original will be a regular fall release for the streaming giant. The fan site has predicted Season 2 of The Crown will hit the library Netflix sometime between October and November of next year.

As far as the cast is concerned, Express has reported the series will have a nice blend of both familiar and new faces for the Season 2 cast.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip [Image by Netflix]

Here’s What The Cast Of The Crown Season 2 Will Look Like

It has been confirmed that both Claire Foy and Matt Smith will be returning as cast members for Season 2 of The Crown. They will be returning as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, respectively.

Vanessa Kirby will be returning to the cast as well to play Princess Margaret. The new bourgeoisie husband of Princess Margaret, however, will introduce a new set of Hollywood faces to the cast.

John Lithgow and Jeremy Northam will also be returning to the cast for the release of Season 2 as Prime Ministers Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden.

The producers of The Crown have revealed that fans should not get too attached to the current cast members as the entire cast will be replaced after Season 2 as the story will be brought up to the 1980s and the current cast will no longer be relevant.

Queen Elizabeth puts on her crown [Image by Netflix]

What To Expect When Season 2 Is Released?

Even though there is not an official release date for Season 2, The Crown is set to pick up right where Season 1 ended. Those who have watched Season 1 will recall this is where Philip was exiled to Australia and the couple was at war.

The new string of episodes for Season 2 will focus on the period between the years 1955 and 1965. There will be several new historical figures introduced during Season 2.

Princess Margaret, for example, is going to find love a second time after her split with Group Captain Peter Townsend. Vanessa even opened up about Margaret’s new relationship.

“She meets Antony and she goes head first into a completely new, exciting, dangerous, volatile, dysfunctional relationship and then marriage.”

The Queen Mother and Elizabeth will meet The Beatles for the first time in 1963. This would have been when The Beatles performed during the height of Beatlemania at the Royal Variety Performance.

Claire Foy [Image by Netflix]

Towards the end of Season 2, the Queen will become pregnant with Andrew and Edward. While it has yet to be confirmed, it is likely they will recast her oldest children Anne and Charles by the end of Season 2 as well. Princess Margaret will also give birth to her two children during Season 2 – David and Sarah.

How Long Will Season 2 of The Crown Be?

Netflix has yet to reveal how many episodes long Season 2 will be. Many, however, are speculating that it will likely be 10 episodes long. Anyone who watches various Netflix Originals knows the streaming giant tends to be pretty consistent and likes to follow patterns. This includes how long a series usually is, when a series is released, and sometimes even the names of the episodes from Season 1 to Season 2 are pretty symmetrical.

What’s On Netflix points out the fact that Netflix made the decision not to take The Crown down the road of splitting Season 1 into two halves like they’ve done with so many other Netflix Originals. For this reason, the fan website also believes Season 2 will likely be 10 episodes long.

How Many Seasons Will The Crown Have?

The Netflix fan site also points out the fact that when the show was first written, it was written to have a total of six seasons. This means there will be at least 60 hours of The Crown for Netflix subscribers to enjoy. Whether or not the series will extend past six seasons, however, is unknown at this time.

Do you watch The Crown on Netflix? Are you looking forward to watching Season 2? Share your thoughts on this Netflix Original series with us in the comments below.

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