Blac Chyna: Why Daughter Dream Can’t Trademark Kardashian Name Either — ‘KUWTK’ Feud Continues?

Blac Chyna will find herself struggling to market kids clothing with her daughter in mind if she plans on using the Kardashian surname for business purposes concerning Dream, it has been alleged.

As previously revealed, the former stripper and her future sister-in-laws are currently battling it out in court, following the news that Blac Chyna had made it known that she wants to officially change her name to Angela Rene Kardashian once she marries Rob next year.

It’s being claimed that Blac is hoping to make the move for several purposes, other than the fact that she’ll evidently be married to her current fiancé — she supposedly also wants to use her soon-to-be new surname to build her own business empire.

Should Blac Chyna end up marrying Rob and legally change her surname to Kardashian, she would have the right to promote products with the given last name, which is said to be something that the entire Kardashian family is furious about.

Hollywood Life previously reported that Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe have hired lawyers, who will fight the case, stressing that it could potentially cause conflict with their businesses because they are in no way affiliated with the products Blac Chyna intends to launch and promote.

Their biggest issue is that whatever Chyna puts her name on won’t be approved by them, so if it’s something that goes against their famous brand, it could potentially tarnish the reputation they’ve built in Hollywood thus far, evidently causing endless problems.

The outlet is now alleging that Dream could potentially find herself not being able to use her surname either — for marketing purposes, at least.

“If in the future Blac Chyna wanted her daughter to profit from her birth name, then this could be problematic, as the right to name a product is not connected to birth — it is connected to the rights of the holder of the trademark,” Michael Cohen, a Copyright and Trademark lawyers tells the outlet.

“For example, if Blac Chyna wanted to start a ‘Dream Kardashian’ baby clothing line, she could not profit from that because the trademark ties apply. One way around this would be if the Kardashians consented to licensing agreements with her. Then she would be able to use the name, and the sisters would get royalties or X amount of any monies derived from commercial gain from business ventures.”

It’s already being alleged that Blac Chyna has no intentions to celebrate the Christmas holidays with the Kardashians, feeling as if the family went behind her back to prevent her from ever using their last name for purposes concerning promotions, businesses, and marketing.

Chyna reportedly feels as if she has come so far with the family, who initially struggled to accept her relationship with Rob Kardashian, and now that they have somewhat left her in the dark about blocking her from using their surname for business ventures, she feels betrayed.

It’s unclear how the family plans to resolve this issue, but with Blac Chyna and Rob only being months away from their wedding date, things could potentially lead back to another feud — one that could drift the Kardashians apart once again.

Blac Chyna is actively fighting the case against her soon-to-be sister-in-laws, having already hired an attorney, whose convinced that the mother of two will win the dispute without a doubt, People reveals.

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