‘Arrow’ Season 5 Episode 10 Return Date, Spoilers: What Will Happen In ‘Who Are You?’

Arrow Season 5 winter finale unfurled a series of shockers, including a tragic death and a surprising return. And the episode also saw Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) falling into the guilt trap, starting to believe Prometheus words that everyone close to him dies. He will be seen confronting his “sum of moral ambiguity” when Arrow Season 5 returns in January.

Oliver donning the vigilante hood does not mean that he has shed his hypocrisies. And Season 5’s masked madman, Prometheus, is a “villain of Oliver’s making,” Marc Guggenheim, co-creator of Arrow, told Entertainment Weekly. As the season progresses, he will be further interrogated on his hypocrisies, according to the report.

“And look for the show to further interrogate Oliver’s queasy policy on killing as season 5 progresses, particularly in the second half, in which Oliver will be made to confront the sum of his moral ambiguity.”

Episode 9, titled “What We Leave Behind,” saw the death of Felicity’s (Emily Bett Rickards) boyfriend, Billy Malone (Tyler Ritter). He became a collateral damage in the fight between Oliver and Prometheus. Oliver fired his arrows thinking that the hooded figure in front of him is his masked nemesis, only to find that he had killed Billy. The bad man had set up Felicity’s boyfriend as his pawn.

Because of Billy’s death, Oliver asked his team to go as far away from his as possible, saying that what Prometheus said was right — everyone that he comes in contact with and everyone close to him dies.

Episode 10 of Arrow Season 5, titled “Who are You,” might see the aftermath of Billy’s death. Also, in the upcoming episode, the team’s dynamic and equation are likely to be shaken because of Evelyn’s (Madison McLaughlin) betrayal, Curtis (Echo Kellum) and Paul’s (Chenier Hundal) break-up and John Diggle’s (David Ramsey) arrest by the authorities. Prometheus was responsible for all that in order to make Oliver suffer and wish for his own death.

Meanwhile, in the closing moments of the Arrow Season 5 midseason finale, one of the original characters of Arrow was resurrected, much to everyone’s surprise.

The final scene of the episode saw Oliver stepping inside his Arrow Cave and seeing a woman standing there, looking at the costume display. A very-much-alive Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), who was declared dead in Episode 18 of Season 4, turned around to say, “Hi, Ollie.” The episode ended without giving Oliver the chance to recover from the shock.

In a sneak peek of Episode 10, Oliver is seen telling Diggle, who is back in the prison, that he saw Laurel in his bunker as if nothing had happened, adding as if she was some kind of gift.

“I walked into the bunker and she was just there, like nothing had happened. Like it was some kind of gift.”

The sneak peek also reveals that she does not know much about what has happened, as Oliver can be seen informing Diggle that they are easing her in.

Arrow Season 5 midseason finale saw the return of Katie Cassidy’s Laurel. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

The upcoming Episode 10 is likely to reveal whether Laurel is dead or not. Amell said during a Facebook Live Chat that there will be a “vetting process” to determine whether Laurel is really alive or not, as it is not really possible for people to just emerge alive after being dead, TV Line reported.

“Is Laurel really alive? I guess we’ll have to tune in [next episode] People don’t just come back from the dead. Obviously, there will be some sort of vetting process [to determine if it’s really her]. We delve into that when we come back in the New Year.”

Episode 10 title, “Who Are You,” probably refers to the newly arrived Laurel and her real identity. There are plenty of theories swirling about her real identity. One of the theories suggests this Laurel might be “Earth-2’s evil doppelganger Black Siren” — the new mole of Prometheus, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Prometheus could have traveled to Central City to break her out of the pipeline and convinced her to join his crusade by impersonating Laurel to become another mole for him now that Artemis blew her cover.”

When Arrow Season 5 returns with Episode 10 on January 25, Oliver will have to shrug off his guilt, assemble his team and come up with a strategy to put an end to Prometheus’ chapter. But before that, he will have to solve Laurel’s resurrection mystery.

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