Nina Dobrev Loves Ian Somerhalder: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Wants Elena To Return?

The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev revealed her true feelings for her ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder. At the same time, the actor talked about Elena’s return in Season 8.

Ian and Nina started dating in 2010. After their breakup in 2013, The Anomaly star began dating Twilight star Nikki Reed and married her on April 26, 2015, in Malibu, California. After the news of his marriage surfaced online, The Vampire Diaries fans thought that Nina will be heartbroken. Contrary to this, the xXx actress told Entertainment Weekly that after her highly publicized breakup with her co-star, she has come to terms with herself and has nothing but love for Ian and his wife.

“When I heard about the wedding, I thought it was beautiful. They look happy and I am happy and so I don’t see why there should be a problem with that.”

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Even after Ian’s marriage with Nikki, The Vampire Diaries fans speculated that the actor will soon reconcile with his former girlfriend. But that did not happen, as the star is currently very happy with his wife. Furthermore, even Nina shares the same feelings for him and stated that even after their fallout, they are still close and respects his decision of moving on in his personal life.

“I’ve said this before, that we didn’t break up because anything bad happened or because there wasn’t love or friendship. I love him and the friendship is still strong and I think he’s great and I care about him. And that didn’t change. Yes, we’re professional and that’s fine. We were friends long before we dated and we still are now.”

Meanwhile, millions of TVD fans are speculating over Nina’s return as Elena Gilbert in the series finale.

Ever since The CW and show’s executive producer has teased about the possibility of Elena’s return, several fans are waiting for Ian’s comment over it. The actor recently admitted to Variety that he has no idea where the series is heading because Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson always remain mum about the show’s future episode.

However, the actor stated that he wants Elena to wake up from her long sleep.

“I think the best thing for Mystic Falls would be for these guys and all of these vampires and witches to just go away. Let Elena wake up and have these boys gone and never know any of this happened.”

Elena’s return in the show is surely going to help the network in achieving some good ratings. But at the same time, it may create some problem between Ian and his wife. When in the interview, it was asked to the Lost star about the possibility of Nina’s return, he subtly talked about his vision of the show.

“As a producer, I do have a lot of information and then there’s a lot of information I don’t have. I want the audience to be happy, but I also am very pro-human. I don’t think these guys should have the ability to wreak havoc, kill everybody, ruin the lives of so many and then get out with a happy ending. I think the happy ending is that we got to go on this amazing ride with these two guys. They’ve lived long enough.”

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Apart from Somerhalder, even Plec has teased the fans about the possibility of Dobrev’s return in the show. During her earlier interview with TVLine, Plec stated that The CW is trying their very best to bring back the Bulgarian actress.

“It’s what she and I kind of agreed on when she decided to move on, and it’s what I’ve got in my head… She was very clear about what she wanted the next step in her life to be, and she’s doing a great job of achieving that. So I’m sticking with my side of the plan, which is to bring her back at the very end.”

The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 has amazed the fans in every episode. Now it is just a matter of time for the fans to see whether Nina Dobrev is coming back as Elena Gilbert or not. Do you think there will be a possible reunion between her and Ian Somerhalder’s character? Tell us in the comments below.

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