Kim Kardashian Allegedly Blaming Herself For Kanye West’s Mental Health Crisis? [Rumor]

Kim Kardashian is reportedly beating herself up about Kanye West’s recent hospitalization, convinced that the Paris robbery incident most definitely played a part in her husband’s drastic meltdown.

As previously reported, Kanye West caused quite a scene when his staff members called for his personal doctor to calm the rapper down following an outrageous outburst toward his fitness trainer.

West’s personal doctor ended up making the move to have the father of two hospitalized, fearing that Kanye could potentially be putting the people around him in serious danger if he wasn’t given immediate treatment for the unknown condition he was battling at the time.

Later on, Kim Kardashian and her family would learn that Kanye has been dealing with severe depression, dehydration, and improper medicine dosages. On top of that, Kanye was struggling with the anniversary of his mother Donda West’s death last month, which only added to the stress he was already under at the time.

Hollywood Life adds that Kim Kardashian was very much aware of her husband’s feelings at the time, but never in a million years did she think he would suffer a meltdown the way that he did, because with Kanye, Kim is used to the rants and drama.

When Kardashian saw the 39-year-old in the hospital, she couldn’t contain her emotions, and it reportedly wasn’t until she got with her close pals that she really opened up about the situation, stressing that she feels as if she is somewhat to blame for letting her husband down.

Kim Kardashian strongly feels that if she had seen the signs earlier, she could’ve helped Kanye better, but since Kim was dealing with her own insecurities following the horrific Paris robbery scare, Kardashian was in no position to help anybody but herself.

Despite her boredom, it was said that after the Paris incident Kim Kardashian was refusing to leave her Bel-Air home because she was so frightened of ever being confronted by a group of disguised men again, Daily Mail claims. She later decided to move back into Kris Jenner’s Calabasas mansion, feeling it was much safer for her since Kanye was on the road and she and the children didn’t need to be alone in the house.

With all that said, however, Kim Kardashian can’t help herself. She feels somewhat guilty and doesn’t know how to move forward, having seen how terrible the rapper has been doing as far as his health is concerned.

“Kim Kardashian is really beating herself up over Kanye’s condition. She can’t help but blame herself for his situation. She just feels that is she could have gotten him help sooner or not have been so rattled after Paris maybe Kanye wouldn’t be in this place,” the source gushed.

“She wishes she could have done more and saved him from himself. Logically she knows this is about Kanye, not her, but she is still being really hard on herself.”

According to the outlet, Kim Kardashian has been relying on close pals Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to give her the support she needs to stay strong and be there for Kanye because, as previously mentioned, times haven’t been easy for her either.

An insider mentions that Legend and Teigen are just the right people for Kim to keep her sane and strong enough to continue raising her children while overcoming her fears of leaving the house and supporting her husband with his mental health condition.

“Things with Kanye are obviously not good. Kim keeps it bottled up most of the time, not showing emotion but she has needed some friends to cry to once in a while and Chrissy and John have been there for her.”

What do you make of Kim Kardashian blaming herself for Kanye West’s abrupt downfall?

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