Kody Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Tells Mykelti Not To Get Married Because Of Sexual Needs

Kody Brown has a daughter ready to get married, but he isn’t holding back at all on telling her exactly how he feels. Last week on a new episode of Sister Wives, viewers saw Tony propose to Mykelti Brown and of course, she said yes to him. Now the two are talking about how soon they want to get married, and her dad Kody feels like they should wait a bit. People shared about what will go down this week on Sister Wives as Kody explains that they shouldn’t let their feelings about sex make them get married any faster.

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This week Mykelti and Tony will have a talk with Kody and Christine Brown, plus Kody’s wives Janelle, Robyn, and Meri, about their upcoming wedding. Kody says that he is excited they are getting married, but they are young. He also mentions that he won’t say other insulting things, but it doesn’t really turn out that way.

Mykelti and Tony got engaged in June, and she will explain that they want to get married in August. This would be hard on the Browns financially considering that Maddie’s wedding would be right before Mykelti’s wedding. Janelle will tell her that there is one reason it wouldn’t be good and that is because some family members couldn’t make it to a wedding at that time. Janelle also says, “I am pretty sure that Maddie will feel a little bit encroached upon if Mykelti decides to rush this. She’s pretty emotional right now, and I think any kind of news that Mykelti is going to hurry and rush the date will just put her over the edge.”

This is when Kody Brown decides to make his comment about sex that, of course, isn’t going to go over well. Here is what Kody has to say.

“Listen, I’ve been married four times and the only time that was long enough was the engagement that was 10 months. Here’s the thing: You can give yourself a really, really solid foundation in a relationship by developing a relationship and just figuring out a way to put the physical on the back-burner. When you are just turned inside by your physical needs, by this sex drive, you get stupid. I’m teasing them because I think they’re being stupid.”

It is obvious that Kody Brown ends up getting his way, but nobody knows why. It’s December already and Mykelti Brown isn’t married yet. People shared recently that Mykelti Brown just had her big wedding shower in November. This means she obviously wasn’t married yet and rumors are that the wedding is coming very soon. Mykelti spoke out about the wedding shower.

“My favorite part of my bridal shower was all my friends and family being together for me and for my family in-law to be with them. The decorations and the setting was perfect and the whole day was just as I hoped. I had so much fun conversing and seeing all of them. Awkward to open gifts in front of so many people, but a real pleasure to have them all there.”

The Brown family has a lot going on right now with Mykelti Brown about to get married and the fact that Maddie Brown just announced she is expecting her first child. Logan Brown has a serious girlfriend but has yet to get engaged, but you know more Brown weddings are going to be coming as the kids continue to get older.

Are you shocked by what Kody Brown said about Mykelti not getting married fast for sex? Do you think this is why she wants to rush her wedding? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on TLC on Sunday nights.

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