Amy Duggar King Addresses The Rumors That Dillon King Abused Her

Amy Duggar King of 19 Kids and Counting is joining the show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars with her husband Dillon King for the upcoming season. The fans are happy to see Amy on television again and can’t wait to see what she has to say. A preview for the new season has Amy talking about how she was abused by someone in her past. The Inquisitr shared about this preview where Amy says she was “picked…up by my throat, all the way up to the ceiling.” The thing is, in this preview, Amy Duggar King never says who did this to her, but a lot of people assumed it was Dillon.

Amy actually went to her Facebook page and did a live video where she talked about being on the show, but also about this abuse that happened to her in the past. Amy starts out saying she wants to set the record straight about how everyone is saying Dillon is an abusive husband. She explained that she would never date a man who would treat her that way and would never marry a man like that, and she feels like it is the “saddest thing” ever.

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Amy Duggar King is doing this video admitting that the accusations going around have been hard on them. She said that the story that is talked about in this preview doesn’t involve Dillon King at all. Amy goes on to describe her husband as her best friend. Amy revealed that the problem that they have in their marriage is communication issues and they went on the show to talk about those issues and try to fix them. Amy wanted to make sure that everyone knew the truth and she even said that Dillon is receiving hate mail. She is also getting messages telling her to run and get away from Dillon. She just wanted everyone to know the truth.

People shared that Amy Duggar King is speaking out and is actually very grateful for their time on the show. This was a good experience for the couple. She said, “We know it’s kind of more of a wild show than we have ever been on, but we just decided it might be a really good opportunity to work out some of our kinks and grow our relationship.” The only show they have done in the past was 19 Kids and Counting, and then Amy did a special on TLC about her country music career she is working on.

After that, Amy went on to explain that she is glad they did the show. It sounds like Amy and Dillon learned from it. Here is what she had to say.

“For us, it was nothing more than we need to learn to communicate. Dillon has a tone that drives me up the wall sometimes and when we bicker, we have to learn how to talk to each other. We were friends for so long before we got married, so we always joked and said things to each other because we were just friends. Now that we are married, it’s a whole new level of respect that we had to learn.”

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Did you assume that Amy Duggar King was abused by Dillon King? Are you surprised to hear that the show made it look like it was him even though it wasn’t? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars when it starts airing on WE tv. The new season will start airing on January 6. This season has Amy and Dillon in it, plus Ashley and JP Rosenbaum of The Bachelorette and several more couples.

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