Jennifer Aniston’s Mile High Club Confession And Price Tag Mishap

Jennifer Aniston is clearly constantly a member of all-star comedy casts for a reason. The Office Christmas Party star knows how to take and joke and is pretty hilarious in her own right in addition to being a great actress.

Aniston put all of these aspects of her character out there when she recently visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and got herself into playing a round of Never Have I Ever. The game resulted in Aniston being asked if she has joined the mile high club and the star gave an elaborate response, indicating that she is a part of the exclusive club. E! recalls Jen’s words during her visit to the hit show.

“Just last week, Jennifer Aniston appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she agreed to play the popular game. While participating, the Friends alumna admitted to joining the mile high club. In fact, she confessed to doing it in the cock pit and with a pilot. Sounds too juicy to be true, right? You’re totally correct.”

Aniston, who has recently noted her frustration about constantly being the subject of false rumors, later spoke to the publication about whether or not her confession was true. Jen set the record straight regarding the mile high question.

“First of all, that’s not much of anybody’s business and you know that was all a goof right?” Jennifer shared with E! News‘ Will Marfuggi at the Los Angeles premiere of Office Christmas Party. “I felt right after that all happened, I didn’t know what she was going to ask me. I’m blowing your whole cover Ellen.”

Aniston went on to explain the orders she was given by the host who is the queen of comedy and pranks, noting, “But she literally just said, ‘Just say yes no matter what. You have to say yes’ and now all this stuff is coming out.”

Pranks and false accounts aside, Aniston is thrilled about the release of her new movie that hit theaters on Friday. The star-studded premiere of the hilarious flick included stars of the film, Olivia Munn and T.J. Miller, and even brought out Katy Perry. Although there might be speculation that there would be awkwardness between Aniston and Perry seeing as both beauties were once linked to John Mayer, the former flames of the musician were spotted posing for photos together and were absolutely comfortable with one another. They even embraced while on the red carpet after which Jen stated, “We’ve known each other for a while now. I danced for many years to her music. ‘Firework’ was always a really good one.”

Jen shared that after the release of the film and the promotional rounds are complete, she is looking very much forward to spending the holidays with her hubby, Justin Theroux. The star is remaining tight-lipped about the plans she and Justin have for the season, simply sharing, “Just relaxing with friends and just together.”

Aniston, as stated, has no problem making light of situations and laughing at herself when mishaps occur. When Aniston visited Jimmy Kimmel, she chatted about a price tag snap that was taken earlier this week, putting Jen and a coat that she was wearing, with the the price tag still attached, on full display. Jen shared that it gets worse. Yahoo relays her words during Jen’s visit to the late-night show.

“Well, here’s the sad part of the story, I’ve worn this coat about four times,” she told her pal Kimmel with a laugh. “It very sweetly was gifted to me from a commercial that I had just shot. So I wore it home and I didn’t think about it at all, to be honest. Four wears later and this happened. And it’s not like it’s even a light tag!”

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