Tim Returns To McCarthy On ‘Edge of Alaska’ As Jeremy Attempts A Dangerous Journey [Recap and Spoilers]

On this season of Edge of Alaska, some the residents of McCarthy have been quite busy with a wide range of projects. Neil Darish is still scrambling to appease his business partner, Don Wolcott, while he continues to work on getting the Motherlode copper mine ready for tourists. Various setbacks and complications have arisen, but Neil may have finally caught a break when he discovers that there may be another way to get to the hidden city located deep inside the mine.

Edge of Alaska asked on their Twitter page, “Who’s ready to have #EdgeOfAlaska back on Sunday?” along with a link to a Discovery preview clip of Neil and his team as they attempt to use dynamite to expose another main entry point into the mine. Viewers receive a quick lesson on different types of dynamite, and for the purposes of this project, plastic explosives such as ammonium nitrate are used since they offer superior stability and safety. The attempt appears to be successful, which will lessen the team’s time they would have spent digging out the entrance.

On Edge of Alaska, Jeremy Keller is one of McCarthy’s residents that has always opposed reopening the mine and bringing in even more tourists to the area. The Futon Critic noted that while many came to McCarthy to escape modern society and to enjoy free and independent living, Neil has had the vision to capitalize on McCarthy’s scenic landscape for what could be one of America’s greatest and certainly one of the most unique tourism opportunities. Several other residents of the town haven’t shared his vision, and after almost coming to blows with Neil over the issue, Jeremy reached an uneasy truce with him on this season of Edge of Alaska. Jeremy wants to purchase more land to expand his off-the-grid homestead, and Neil needs a lot of lumber to shore up the Motherlode’s network of tunnels.

On this season of Edge of Alaska, both men realize that they can help each other out and an agreement is reached. Neil will buy all the lumber that Jeremy can provide, and in return, Jeremy will have the cash he needs to purchase more land. Jeremy believed at first that he was in a win-win situation because he didn’t think Neil would ever get the mine to a point where it was safe enough for tourists, so he readily agreed to provide Neil with all the lumber that he needs. On a previous episode of Edge of Alaska, he became a little alarmed when Neil tried to take tourists up to the mine, but that attempt was unsuccessful.


Jeremy soon begins to realize he can’t continue to cut his own trees, and he decides to venture further out to find the logs he needs to fill Neil’s large order. After finding a place to harvest more wood and with the assistance of Joey, one of Neil’s men, Jeremy is able to fell all the trees that he needs. There is only one problem, the only way to get them back to Jeremy’s farm is to float them down the fast-flowing Nizina river. On the next episode of Edge of Alaska, after lashing the logs together into a type of makeshift raft, the two men will attempt to ride the logs down the river, hoping that they will be able to steer the logs enough to hit the correct channel in order to offload at a predetermined site. If anything goes wrong, Jeremy could lose the entire load or worse.

The next episode of Edge of Alaska is titled “Old Man On The Mountain,” and long-time resident Tim Mischel will be returning to McCarthy. According to TV Ruckus, although Tim lived alone for almost 40 years up at the remote Angle Station, since his heart attack he’s had to take it easy, and he spent the previous winter away from McCarthy. Upon his return, he will be spending most of his time in town, and on a previous Edge of Alaska episode, several of McCarthy’s residents got together to get Tim’s place in town ready for his return.

What do you think of the season so far? Do you think Neil will ever get the Motherlode mine open? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Edge of Alaska airs on Sunday’s at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.

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