Kylie Jenner Kisses Christina Aguilera In Sexy Xtina Style Amid Kendall Jenner Shade Rumors

Kylie Jenner initially seemed to have so many high fashion and sophisticated choices when it came to what to wear to Christina Aguilera’s birthday party, but then apparently the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star realized there was only one truly chic choice: To channel her inner Xtina. Getting garbed in her sleekest and sexiest Aguilera accents, Kylie turned heads at the bash, completing the OMG moment by kissing Christina on the lips.

Jenner previously opted to re-create Christina’s famous look in her “Dirrty” music video for Halloween. But prancing in a bikini top and black-and-red leather chaps doesn’t quite make it for a celebrity birthday party, so Kylie went for a different style for Aguilera’s bash, noted Elle.

All garbed in yellow and black, the 19-year-old reality TV star went to Christina’s 36th birthday celebration channeling her inner Aguilera.

Kylie Jenner channeled her inner Christina Aguilera for the singer’s birthday bash. [Image by Jocelyn Noveck/AP Images]

In a caption on Snapchat, Jenner hinted that her selection of style had been influenced by the songstress herself.

“When XTINA wants you to dress as XTINA for her bday you do it!!!”

With cameras clicking, Christina then placed Kylie on her lap for a photo, and the two exchanged a perfect pout kiss.

The birthday celebration took place at Christina’s home, and didn’t get over until 1:30 a.m., with a theme of “Chaps and Tutus,” reported E! News.

As for the food, it wasn’t a good night to be on a diet. Sweet treats ruled the event, with candy stations located at strategic places around the room, a piñata, and of course the ultimate birthday cake.

Aguilera presided over a three-tier cake with pastel pink, yellow and purple icing, decorated with doughnuts, multi-colored swirled lollipops, gumdrops and an upside down ice cream cone for a topper. And just to make it seem even more festive, red Christmas trees lit up the party room.

While happiness and hot looks ruled at Christina’s birthday party with her buddies including Kylie, it may not be quite so supreme in Jenner land when it comes to the two youngest sisters in the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan. Rumors of something shady are swirling when it comes to Kylie and Kendall, sparked by a T-shirt (yes, a T-shirt).

Hollywood Life summed up the speculation as a “sister slam,” noting that Kylie is selling a “curious t-shirt” on the online site for her pop-up shop that appears to be “printed with a diss” for sister Kendall.

Did Kylie Jenner diss her sister Kendall? [Image by Diane Bondareff/AP images]

The 19-year-old cosmetics queen has been expanding her enterprise into t-shirts with an unusual slogan blaring across the chest.

“I’m The Kylie You’re The Kendall”

The media outlet pointed out that the “connotations behind that slogan feel a little negative,” then tried to analyze why Kylie would diss 20-year-old supermodel Jenner. The younger sister “obviously loves herself,” according to Hollywood Life, which pointed out that being “the Kylie” is a “good thing,” but does that mean calling someone “the Kendall” is a negative?

MTV also picked up on the unusual T-shirt slogan, asking readers “did Kylie Jenner just diss her sister Kendall” in its story about the garment.

Noting that Jenner seems to “be sending big sister Kendall a mixed message with one of her new t-shirts,” MTV pointed out that the 19-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians diva has gone from lip gloss to fashion, launching her new merchandise with a pop-up store in Los Angeles.

In addition to the t-shirts, Kylie’s new collection includes caps, hoodies, and even underwear. But the “I’m the Kylie you’re the Kendall” t-shirt slogan is the one that seems to be getting much of the attention when it comes to speculation about the meaning.

“It kind of reads a bit like a put down that ‘King Kylie’ is kind of saying she’s better than her sister,” pointed out MTV.

But it also could just be Kylie’s attempt to single out herself, given a history that she and Kendall have been viewed as a single entity for years, and now Jenner is making an attempt to come out from hiding in the shadows of those famous big sisters, pointed out the media outlet.

[Featured Image by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP Images]

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