‘RHOA’ Star Phaedra Parks Says Bomb Threat Was A Misunderstanding

One of the biggest news briefs to ever come out of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast arrived in July when a man allegedly went to the offices of Phaedra Parks and made a bomb threat. While Phaedra Parks wasn’t there, it was something that the RHOA star said sent her into a panic. However, People reported that Phaedra Parks is now saying that it was just a big misunderstanding.

According to the RHOA star, who is also an entertainment lawyer, it was just one of her clients who was coming to her office with some CDs he was delivering. Phaedra Parks said there was a FedEx package, CDs, and some lyrics, and that there was no bomb at all.

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That flies in the face of what RHOA co-star Kandi Burruss reported. According to Kandi, she received a phone call from her assistant and said that there was not just a bomb threat, but an actual explosive device on the premises.

“This dude came to Phaedra’s office with a grenade and said he was going to blow the f**king building up. A real grenade. Said he was going to blow himself up and everybody in there.”

That turned out to be a complete fabrication by the RHOA star. Homeland Security got involved since it was an alleged terrorist threat, and Phaedra Parks said that there was no threat made at all against her and there was no bomb found.

At the time of the alleged threat to the RHOA star, People reported that police arrested Terence Cook at the scene and charged him with terroristic threats and causing false public alarm based on the allegations. According to police reports, Cook said he was tired of being treated wrongly.

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Phaedra Parks said that Homeland Security spoke to her and eased her tensions about the situation.

“He’s not upset with me. Homeland Security said that was false. He said he never made a threat against me at all.”

However, Mama Joyce is not convinced. The RHOA star said she heard things very different than how Phaedra Parks has explained it. Mama Joyce even told Phaedra Parks face-to-face that the RHOA star was in danger whether she believes it or not.

“He was looking for you and he was going to blow you the f— up. He said he was tired of being messed around and he was looking for Phaedra and he was going to blow her the f**k up. That’s what’s on my cell phone.”

That has to be scary, but Phaedra Parks is not convinced and feels it was all a misunderstanding and is just part of the past now. For one thing, that “grenade” was just a book and he wasn’t even in the RHOA star’s office because he ended up on the wrong floor of the building.

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However, while this all happened to Phaedra Parks back in July, fans got to relive it on RHOA now. It was clear that the entire situation freaked out Phaedra Parks when it happened, and she seems ready to move on, for good reason.

When the call came that there was a bomb threat made against her, the first thing that the RHOA star did was call to check on her kids. Phaedra Parks got in touch with her mother, Pastor Regina, and asked her to get the kids to safety. Luckily, her mother kept a level head, led her in a prayer, and told her the kids were safe.

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