Khloe Kardashian Reveals Her Sister Kourtney Kardashian Lingerie Secrets

Khloe Kardashian does not usually mind revealing private things about her sisters as long as they are not too scandalous and this time she has revealed about Kourtney’s lingerie secrets.

Khloe revealed the details through her latest post on Thursday on her website and this time she talked about lingerie, specifically Kourtney’s lingerie secrets. The 32-year-old revealed that Kourtney Kardashian does not wear thongs all the time and that she occasionally wears granny panties. Khloe also revealed that she sometimes wears bras that make her breasts appear bigger.

Khloe also added that their mother Kris Jenner gave her and her sisters some vital lingerie advice while they were young.

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“I don’t have period panties; I only wear thongs. Kourtney does, though! She’ll show up to a workout and I’m like, ‘Kourtney, are you wearing full granny panties?’ LOL!” Khloe stated.

Khloe did not say anything about her sister Kim Kardashian, contrary to most people’s expectations especially after how things have been unfolding lately for Kim. She has maintained social media silence ever since she got robbed in Paris. Things were looking up but then she was slapped by another unfortunate situation when her husband Kanye West was hospitalized.

The title of Khloe’s article was, “I Reveal My Favorite Bra and Underwear Brands,” and as per the title, Khloe went on to talk about bras, revealing her favorite ones. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star pointed out that her favorite padded bra is Maidenform. She stated that it is plain, simple and that she wears it all the time. She also revealed that the main reason she likes it so much is because her breasts are not as big but when she wears it she looks as if she got a boob job.

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Khloe also pointed out that she likes to match and therefore she prefers wearing thongs from the same brands as her bras. The KUWTK star posted Instagram photos from a recent shoot for German GQ. The Shoot was titled “My Sexiest Shoot Yet.” The reality star is featured in some sexy lingerie on the cover and a video reveals the popular star leaning on the hood of a car in a provocative pose.

“I really don’t know what I did in my life to constantly be surrounded by such beautiful and talented people every single day!” she captioned on her Instagram post of the cover.

She was so excited about the shoot that she could not help sending a shout out to the photographer. Khloe’s shoot can only be described as a masterpiece which is why she was probably excited about it. The photos she posted on her Instagram account are quite sexy and they show off her beautiful curves.

As for Khloe, we are yet to see how she will respond to her sister for snitching her about the granny pants. Khloe is usually silent one the Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney trio. However, she also has her fair share of drama in her life, especially relationship drama. Her boyfriend Scott Disick has been trying to get her back since they broke up last year and there have been rumors that the two are back together. Well, those rumors were confirmed to be true by E! News.

A source confirmed that Kourtney and Scott are dating again and are also living under the same roof again. The rumors about them getting back together again have been spreading since the couple was spotted together while on a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in November. The source added that Scott and Kourtney are determined to make the relationship work. It looks like granny pants or not, Scott is really determined to show Kourtney that he is serious about their relationship.

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