Ariel Winter Gets Cheeky By Pool For New ‘Elle’ Magazine Interview

Actress Ariel Winter shared more cheeky photos this week in honor of her latest Elle magazine article. The 18-year-old posed next to a swimming pool in the shots tagged for Elle magazine. In one, the brunette looks back over her shoulder as she grins for the camera. Winter wears a pair of denim cut-offs and striped shirt in the flirty photo. A pair of blue heels lay behind her suggesting she kicked her shoes off and stuck her feet in the water spontaneously.

The second image has Ariel sitting on a diving board over the swimming pool as she perkily poses while wearing knee-high boots and fluffy pink wrap. In both captions, Winter has tagged Elle magazine and states she appreciates them for the recent article titled “The New Class.”

“@elleusa I love you and appreciate you so much for this, thank you.”

The article discusses young, rising female stars and their power on social media. Elle chose four young ladies to honor in the article stating “they use their significant social media influence to control their own narratives.” In addition to Winter, the magazine highlights Keke Palmer, Skai Jackson, and Jordyn Woods.

The magazine dives into discussing each female, but let’s focus on what it said about Miss Winter. According to Elle, Ariel is unashamedly being herself and gets plenty of attention for just that — being Ariel Winter.

“Winter is merely being herself—which to some appears to be the most offensive thing of all.”

It’s no secret almost everything the young actress does comes under scrutiny. From what she wears and who she dates, Ariel is constantly in the headlines. However, what makes her special is the fact she doesn’t care what the public has to say about how she chooses to live, according to the magazine article.

“I don’t care what people say about me; I don’t care how people feel about the choices I make.”

And that’s been clear since Winter turned 18 and started breaking out of her Modern Family role.

[Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Winter has been making news for her revealing outfits, for her body-positive posts, and for generally not giving a care when it comes to haters. She’s been making her own waves as she embraces her body and encourages all women to do the same, and for her risqué Instagram posts that fans go crazy over. Since undergoing a breast reduction in 2015, Winter has been outspoken when it comes to body acceptance.

With almost three million followers on Instagram, it’s no wonder Elle chose this budding actress and activist to be a part of its “New Class” article. In addition to the recognition in the magazine, Winter has teamed up with Dove for its Speak Beautiful campaign that targets bullying and promotes body acceptance. In an interview with People, Ariel discussed her work for the campaign and why she feels it’s important.

“I think it’s really incredible that Dove is working so hard to change that for young women everywhere — and young men — to be able to grow up feeling good about themselves and spreading positivity everywhere.”

Indeed, it seems young Ariel is in a prime position to promote body acceptance as fans continue to look to her photos and her message. Whether she’s posing in a cheeky bikini or a pair of Daisy Dukes, there’s always a message behind Winter’s photos. She told Elle just what that message is as she continues to live her life and post images the way she pleases despite what the public may say.

“At the end of the day, you’re not going to please anybody, and the only person you should be concerned with pleasing is yourself.”

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