Nicki Minaj Posts Instagram Photos Of Steamy Swimsuit Getaway On Her Birthday

Nicki Minaj recently celebrated her birthday and she just could not help but give her fans something to smile about by posting Instagram photos of her steamy swimsuit getaway on her birthday.

Minaj traveled to the Turks and Caicos Islands with her boyfriend Meek Mill to celebrate her birthday. Mill really outdid himself this time because he wanted his girl to have the best birthday experience. Minaj whose past few years in the music industry have been quite successful celebrated her 34th birthday in style and she posted the evidence on her Instagram, showing off her amazing curves.

The vacation images reveal Nicki Minaj wearing a gold studded Norma Kamali “Marissa” red swimsuit that hugs her body tightly, allowing her to flaunt her curvaceous body. The swimsuit had a low cut underarm, revealing a lot of side boob. The back side of the swimsuit also hugged her and slightly covered her derriere, thus revealing her ample backside. It is no doubt that the 34-year-old musician wanted to treat her fans to a lot of eye candy.

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The brunette artist was also clad in some black leather high-heeled ankle boots to match the outfit and complement her sexy legs, though the photos were taken on a beach. It does not make sense that she was wearing heels at the beach. She should have been barefoot but then again she was probably wearing them for the vacation photo shoot. Whatever the case, her fans are just glad that she was kind enough to share those moments with them on Instagram.

Meek Mill was clearly excited for the birthday and he also took to the social media platform where he posted a photo in which the two were photographed together. Minaj smiled gracefully in the photo, while Mills was behind her, pointing at the camera. Nicki had a blonde weave in the recent post uploaded on Instagram by her boyfriend.

“Happy Birthday to my queen, Nicki Minaj. Stay bad and blessed up!” Meek Mills captioned on the Instagram post.

The female rapper received a lot of positive feedback on social media with most of them wishing her a happy birthday. Her rapper boyfriend also posted the photos he took of her in the red swimsuit on social media. One of the photos revealed the female artist posing for the photo while looking up on a very clear and sunny day. The sea on the background also appears very calm and blue. Meek Mill was obviously a very happy man taking photos of his curvaceous lady. Luckily the photos were shared on social media allowing the rest of humanity to salivate ogle at her stunning physique.

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“Lord, I thank you for another year of life. #TurksAndCaicos Birthday vibes. Thanks for the u guys. Right back atcha,” Nicki captioned in one of her posts.

The artist was clearly grateful that she has gotten this far and the shout out to her friends was her way of showing appreciation for the love and respect that she gets from her fans. Other than celebrating her birthday, Minaj and Mills also took the opportunity to take some time off from their busy schedules.

The getaway also allowed them to take some time off from the prying eyes of the paparazzi so that they could enjoy a few days without being constantly bombarded by guys holding up cameras due to their celebrity status. It was also a good idea for the couple to take some time off so that they could focus on their relationship. Hopefully, the time off during Nicki Minaj’s birthday will allow them to relax and build up for yet another great year ahead.

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