WWE Is Done With John Cena, Three Superstars Who Will Replace Him

John Cena has been the face of wrestling for over a decade now and has won the company a legion of a new generation of fans. However, John Cena has been largely absent from the company stemming from outside ventures and various injuries.

It seemed like WWE is letting John Cena’s absence slide due to his massive contribution to the company. But now that reports have surfaced that Cena is planning to further extend his hiatus, the company is reportedly mad at the wrestling icon and is now looking for stars to replace him.

John Cena has a lot of opportunities outside of pro wrestling going for him. Cena definitely has that star appeal that could give him that could make him a potential crossover superstar. The future pro wrestling hall of famer is looking more like he wants to follow the footsteps of fellow WWE alumni Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is currently one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood.

This has led him to forego some wrestling commitments and actively pursuing hosting gigs and other Hollywood endeavors. According to Flickering Myth, there is a good chance that John Cena will be out for the rest of next year putting him out of the WWE for some years now. And reports are saying that the WWE has had enough of John Cena and is looking to replace him as the face of wrestling. This will set off a big motion where the company will start moving on from Cena and will actively push another superstar in its programming. According to a report from Forbes, here are some of the superstars who the WWE could be cooking up to give the torch going forward and replace John Cena.

AJ Styles

WWE’s latest acquisition has started calling himself “The Face That Runs the Place,” which could signal the creative teams intent on this guy replacing John Cena. Styles is now a heel and is still a favorite among WWE fans. What is quite striking is that John Cena’s popularity started with him as a heel before turning face.

Aj Styles also has that uncanny ability to get the fans riled up. This is also reminiscent of John Cena who is a pretty controversial love him or hate him figure. Whatever fans think of him, John Cena presents big figures and AJ Styles seems like the perfect candidate to replace him.

The Miz

The Miz had an amazing early WWE run but for some reason was cooled off by the company immediately. He languished in second tier storylines for some time after that. But The Miz is having a fantastic year and is set to have bigger storylines for him in 2017 especially now that Cena is gone. He definitely has the mic skills to trump Cena and the rest of the WWE roster.

Where the Miz can replace Cena is with the public relation aspect of the company. John Cena is known as one of the most hard working troopers of the WWE with all his outside work. The Miz is a pretty likable guy and could is reportedly just as hardworking as John Cena. Hopefully, the company can reward him further for this the same way they did for Cena.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is that guy that the WWE loves to shove down fan’s throats. He has a great physique but inadequate mic skills and in-ring excitement. Those descriptions alone should remind fans of John Cena, who the company continuously to push despite a good chunk of fans getting really sick of him. Like it or not, Roman Reigns will still be the guy who the company is going to push to replace Cena.

John Cena looks like he is on the way out and this three stars certainly could replace all his contributions to the WWE. Hopefully, fans will still get to see John Cena do some part time work for the company.

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