BIGBANG K-Pop Comeback: YG Entertainment Boy Band Gonna Get Down In ’90s Retro Teaser For ‘FXXK IT’ [Video]

YG Entertainment is ending 2016 with a bang. Last month, it was made known that the popular K-pop boy band Big Bang would be making their first and only K-pop comeback of 2016. Such an announcement brought tears of joy to K-pop fans, especially those who are V.I.P. (official fan club of Big Bang). The reason why was because certain members — specifically T.O.P., Taeyang, and G-Dragon — were getting close to their 30s. For those who do not know, generally all males in South Korea need to serve conscription, or mandatory military service, for up to two years. The cut-off age to serve is 30 years old. Big Bang’s K-pop comeback for 2016 means we will get at least some new songs and possibly a tour before they possibly go on hiatus.

Nevertheless, promotions were released systematically since the announcement of Big Bang’s K-pop comeback. And now, we get a sample, a teaser of their title track song “FXXK IT” when the popular boy band tells everyone they are “gonna get down” in the ’90s retro teaser for its music video.

Big Bang’s “D-3 Teaser” features the release dates for their upcoming album “MADE: The Full Album.” [Image by YG Entertainment]

The music video teaser was part of Big Bang’s “D-3” (third day until release) promotions, as reported by Soompi. It gives off a ’90s Korean family vibe in which all five members are relaxing in a room while catchy music plays in the background. Also in the teaser video, we see there are printed paraphernalia scattered around the room which are supposedly illegal reading material for minors given the fact that they are pixelated. Also, the members of Big Bang are trying to watch some sort of show on the television but all they are getting is static. This might be a nod to when boys growing up in the ’90s tried to watch adult channels on television. They were often fuzzy with television static but every once in a while, they would get images that outline naughty activity.

“FXXK IT” is just one of three new songs being released on the upcoming album known as MADE: The Full Album. We learned this from Big Bang’s “D-4” promotions, as reported by AllKpop. “FXXK IT” along with “Last Dance” are the two title track songs to be featured with the album. A third song titled “Girlfriend” will also release too, but it isn’t a title track song. The rest of the songs on the track list are songs released last year over numerous digital releases all part of the MADE Series. They include “Let’s Not Fall in Love,” “Loser,” “Bae Bae,” “Bang Bang Bang,” “Sober,” “If You,” “Zutter,” and “We Like 2 Party.”

Big Bang released the full tracklist of “MADE: The Full Album.” Three songs are brand new with two of them being title track songs. [Image by YG Entertainment]

As for technical information about the three new songs to be released on MADE: The Full Album, music was composed by Teddy Park, G-Dragon, R. Tee, Jeon Yong Jun, and Choice37. Lyrics are either written by Teddy, G-Dragon, T.O.P., or Taeyang. Finally, arrangement length were done by either Teddy, R.Tee, Seo Won Jin, 24, or Choice37.

So far, pre-order sales are high in number. The China QQ chart which had the Special MADE V.I.P. package had 188,424 copies sold. It should also be noted that 130,000 of those copies were bought within seven hours when pre-orders were made available on December 8. They add on to the single albums in the MADE Series in which M sold over 630,000 copies, A sold over 965,000 copies, D sold over 1.72 million copies, and E sold over 1.58 million copies. And those were just copies of single albums sold. The number of digital downloads for songs is astoundingly high too.

Big Bang will release their newest album MADE: The Full Album on December 12 at midnight KST. There will be a Countdown Live on the two music videos for the title track songs 11 minutes after midnight on VLive too.

[Featured Image by YG Entertainment]

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