Kate Chastain Of ‘Below Deck’ Reveals Sexual Assault When She Started As Stewardess

Kate Chastain of Below Deck recently wrote a book and is revealing a lot about her life that nobody knew. Kate just recently put out a new book called Lucky Charming that can be purchased to read on Kindle. Radar Online shared some of what Kate revealed in her book, and a lot of information is coming out. Kate shared about a time where she was working on a boat and a man named Saul came back after a night of drinking ready to try and seduce her. She did share that his real name wasn’t Saul, but Kate isn’t revealing who the man really was that sexually assaulted her.

In Kate’s book, she explained details about what went down. Chastain was staying there late at night working when the guests of the boat came back from a night out. Kate explained saying, “His pants were unzipped, revealing white cotton boxer briefs being stretched by the now erect body part they were covering.” After that, Kate went to get them drinks, and when she came back, Saul was the only one who was staying up late. Kate Chastain revealed that she kept getting hit on by him, but finally, he went to bed. She thought it was over, but then it started again the next morning. This was when Kate Chastain was really early in her career.

Kate was invited to go to down with them to the beach. She turned down drinks, but her boss even told her to go ahead and drink. After getting overheated, Kate Chastain excused herself, but Saul commented about how he would miss her if she was gone long. When she got back, he had even got her a swimsuit so she could go swimming with them. Kate went into the water and the next thing she knew Saul was up behind her making her uncomfortable. She explained how it went down.

“Saul had followed me into the water and was now groping me from behind. I felt his swim trunks press into the backs of my legs while his fingers moved under my bikini bottoms. My initial reaction was to scream and slap him, but we were surrounded by A-list vacationers, and I didn’t want to cause a scene. Saul was acting like a predator moving in for the kill.”

Kate Chastain got away from him but said she felt like she was hiding from a rapist. It turns out that one of her co-workers was even told to stay away from them and leave them alone. Later this man came back on the boat with his wife and children. Lucky for Kate Chastain, he left her alone once they were there.

Bravo TV shared that Kate’s book explains all about her life before her time on Below Deck. Kate Chastain has been working on this book for eight years, but it is finally here. She shared with The Daily Dish, saying, “I had written a book about my yachting travels just because I had a lot of time in the ocean, and I think it’s a really interesting glimpse into a world that not a lot of people get to experience. There’s travel, there’s celebrities, there’s just the story of a girl who gets into adventure.” Kate also has a blog that is the same name as her book. Kate did admit that she thinks a lot of people don’t read anymore, so she may do an audio book as well.

Are you shocked by Kate Chastain’s story about being sexually assaulted? Do you feel like she should have pressed charges? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Below Deck on Bravo.

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