Caroline Stanbury And Sophie: ‘Ladies Of London’ Newbie Admits To Mistake

Caroline Stanbury has been on Ladies of London for a couple of years, and she’s often talking about how she values honesty and friendships. So when she’s crossed or when she feels betrayed, it takes a long time for her to forgive and move on. But Caroline had never expected that things would go so badly between herself and her sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury.

This is Sophie’s first season on Ladies of London, and the two ladies were family, as Sophie was married to Caroline’s brother Alex. But this season, she revealed that she was divorcing Alex, and already on the first episode, Caroline felt betrayed by the newbie.

According to a new Bravo report, Caroline Stanbury is now revealing that she has a hard time moving on from this drama because she never expected to feel betrayed by a family member. Caroline was upset that her stories about Julie Montagu were being shared with the cast members of Ladies Of London, and Stanbury was even more shocked that Sophie was the one sharing the stories. When Caroline stopped by Watch What Happens Live, she revealed that things were not great between them. She reveals that their friendship was still broken and that she didn’t see a resolution anytime soon.

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“It was a shock to me because of all the people, I didn’t see that coming at all,” Caroline Stanbury explained about her friendship with Sophie while on Watch What Happens Live, according to Bravo, sharing that she felt completely blindsided by her sister-in-law’s actions when she decided to talk to Julie Montagu about their conversations.

“I think when you fight with other girls on the show, you don’t really care. I never, ever saw that coming, and I wouldn’t have gone there, and she did,” Caroline Stanbury continued, sharing that she was surprised and that her falling out with Sophie has nothing to do with her divorce from Caroline’s brother, Alex.

“It was a completely separate issue. As I said very clearly in Episode 1, the divorce would never affect my relationship with Sophie. She was ultimately my family. What has affected my relationship with Sophie, and I’d like to make that clear, and I thought I had on Watch What Happens [Live], but I’ve actually realized that it didn’t come across that way, is her repeating my conversations to the exact people I’m talking about. That is what has affected my relationship with Sophie, nothing more.”

Sophie wasn’t on the show to defend herself, but she decided to go on Twitter to explain that she may have gotten involved in the wrong fight. And she may have some regrets about talking to Julie about Caroline Stanbury.

“I got stuck in the middle of two people who don’t like each other and it was a nightmare,” Sophie Stanbury tweeted after watching Caroline’s comments on Watch What Happens Live, sharing that she regrets getting involved in the drama. “It was a tough situation and awful to be in – it has taught me a lot.”

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Andy Cohen asked Stanbury if she saw their friendship getting back on track, especially since they are family. But it sounds like Caroline isn’t thinking about this friendship too much these days. She recently moved to Dubai, and she has been starting over in a different country. She told Andy that she wasn’t in a rush to fix everything, and she had no plan to make up with Sophie. And it may be easier to deal with the broken friendship now that Caroline is living in Dubai and Sophie remains in London.

What do you think of Caroline Stanbury’s comments about her friendship with Sophie? Do you think these two should have a talk and discuss what happened, especially since they are family?

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