Fidel Castro Had A Secret Love Child With CIA Agent Sent To Kill Him

This sounds like something straight out of a movie. It has just been revealed that the late Fidel Castro had a secret love child with the female CIA Agent who was sent to kill him. Is the mistress finally telling all now that the dictator is dead?

According to Radar Online, Fidel Castro fathered a secret love child with a CIA operative who was sent to assassinate him.

Just a few days after Castro’s death, double agent Marita Lorenz came forward and revealed intimate details about her shocking and forbidden affair with the late dictator.

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The 77-year-old Marita told reporters that the child is alive and well in Cuba.

“I had a forbidden love child with Fidel Castro!”

“The CIA and FBI wanted me to believe that Fidel killed our son, Andre, but that was a lie.”

Fidel Castro, who died at the age of 90 on November 25, reunited with their son in Cuba in 1981, claimed Lorenz.

“He looked exactly like me and Fidel!”

When asked why she had disobeyed orders and botched his assassination plot, she responded:

“Fidel gave me no reason to kill him! I loved him!”

Fidel and Marita’s love story began during The Cold War when her father, a commercial ship captain, dropped anchor in Havana harbor with his daughter on board in February of 1959. This was just one month after the Cuban revolution.

Fidel Castro visited Marita’s father’s ship, and she fell for him immediately.

“First of all, I was very young and Fidel was tall and handsome.

“When I first laid eyes on him, I was instantly attracted. We kissed between two lifeboats on the top deck … I was totally in love.”

Marita soon moved into Fidel’s penthouse apartment at the Havana Hilton and became pregnant within weeks.

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However, Lorenz claimed that seven months into her pregnancy, the CIA poisoned her and her fetus was aborted. She said she was flown back to New York City to recuperate.



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Lorenz said that she woke up surrounded by FBI and CIA agents who blamed Castro for the unborn child’s death. The agents allegedly persuaded her to return to Castro and poison him with arsenic pills.

“They wanted to neutralize him, eliminate him because he was turning communist and he was infiltrating the U.S. with communists.”

Marita Lorenz said that she “reluctantly” agreed to kill her lover. She claimed she was so terrified that customs agents at the Havana airport in Cuba would discover the arsenic pills that she hid them in a jar of cold cream, but when she got to the hotel, the pills were partially disintegrated.

“I was young.

“I cried about the whole damn thing. I cried about loving Fidel, losing him and being in this position!”

Marita’s love story with Castro did not end there. The mistress continued by telling reporters that she returned to Cuba in 1981 and Fidel introduced her to her grown son. She claimed the dictator explained the following to her in broken English.

“There is nothing wrong with the baby. The baby is a big boy now.”

Lorenz wanted to take her son home to Brooklyn with her, but she said that Fidel would not have it.

“I just fell to my knees. When I asked [Castro] to let me take Andre home with me he said, ‘No! Nunca, nunca (never, never) to the Estados Unidos. He’s my son, they will kill him too!”

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