‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Cast Bios: Nick Viall Is 12 Years Older Than Many Of His Girls — ‘They’re A Bunch Of Doozies’ [Report]

The Bachelor’s Nick Viall was a teenager when many of the girls from his season were born, but that didn’t stop the 36-year-old software salesman-turned-model from dating them during the recent filming of ABC’s popular reality dating show.

The photos of all 30 girls were released by ABC on Wednesday, but there are some rather interesting tidbits of information about this season’s contestants that will have fans wondering how many of the ladies are truly interested in a long-term relationship with Nick and who is there to promote their brand.

And then there are the 17 girls who range in age from 24 to 26 who either seem to be too young to date the Bachelor star or, as Reality Steve puts it, are a “bunch of doozies.” Translation: Many of Nick’s ladies are going to bring on the drama this season.

Here’s a look at the cast bios of the Bachelor 2017 contestants (in age order), along with some intel on some of the girls who may be creating a buzz this season.

Warning: There are Bachelor Season 21 spoilers ahead, but the winner of the final rose is not revealed.

‘The Bachelor’s’ Nick Viall [Image by ABC Television Network]

It’s a young group of girls this season — one look at the initial posting from ABC and fans will note that more than half of Nick’s ladies are 10 to 12 years younger than him and the majority are under 28. Nick celebrated his 36th birthday during filming (September 29), and there are only three contestants who are over 30, with the oldest being 31-years-old.

Jasmine, Brittany, and Liz — ‘Bachelor’ 2017 [Image by Mitch Haaseth/ABC]

Danielle Maltby, 31, is from Nashville, where she works as a nurse.

Rachel Lindsay, 31, hails from Dallas, where she is employed as an attorney. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Rachel could turn out to be a top choice for The Bachelorette 2017 if she doesn’t find love with Nick.

Lauren Hussey, 30, is a law school graduated who lives in Florida.

Jasmine Goode, 29, lives in San Francisco and her bio indicates that she is a dancer.

Elizabeth Sandoz, 29, works as a doula in Las Vegas, and Chris Harrison tells Yahoo TV that she knew Nick prior to filming, but he had no idea she was a contestant until she arrived.

The Bustle reports that Elizabeth was Jade Roper’s maid of honor when the former Bachelor in Paradise star married Tanner Tolbert. There are unconfirmed reports that Elizabeth hooked up with Nick for a one-night stand after the wedding and he never saw her again, so their meet-up at the Bachelor mansion will be interesting.

Vanessa Grimaldi, 29, is a special education teacher who lives and works in Montreal, Canada. ABC reveals that the chemistry between Vanesa and Nick “cannot be denied,” and she “snags the first kiss of the season.” A previous post from the Inquisitr points to Vanessa as a top contender for the final rose and one of three girls who makes it to the overnight dates.

Briana Guertler, 28, currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah where she works as a nurse.

Jaimi King, 28, hails from New Orleans, where she works as a chef. Sounds like the girls may have had some good food during their stay in the Bachelor mansion.

Danielle Lombard, 27, lives in Los Angeles, where she owns her own business.

Elizabeth, Rachel, Raven, Alexis, Corinne from The Bachelor 2017 [Image by Mitch Haaseth/ABC]

Astrid Loch, 26, resides in Tampa, Florida, and works as an office manager.

Susannah Milan, 27, is an account manager who lives in San Diego, California.

Brittany Farrar, 26, works as a nurse in Santa Monica, California. And no, she is not the Brittany Farrar who used to date Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher’s guy, Jordan Rodgers.

Sarah Vendal, 26, is a school teacher from Newport Beach, California.

Angela Amezcua, 26, works as a model and lives in Greenville, South Carolina.

Raven Gates, 25, is a boutique owner from Hoxie, Arkansas. Chris Harrison put her on his “5 Women to Watch” list and tells Yahoo TV that she is a “no-nonsense Southern Bell” who rescues Nick from the drama going on in the house.

Christen Whitney, 25, lives in Tulsa, where she works as a dance instructor and videographer.

Lacy, Dominique and Liv [Image by Mitch Haaseth/ABC]

Jasmine Brown, 25, lives in Tacoma, Washington and works as a flight attendant.

Whitney Fransway, 25, is from Chanhassen, Minnesota, and currently works as a pilates instructor.

Dominique Alexis, 25, is a waitress who lives and works in Los Angeles.

Lacey Mark, 25, is a marketing manager who lives in New York City.

Olivia Burnette, 25, is a sales rep from Nashville.

Corinne Olympios, 24, lives in Miami, where she runs a small business. According to Reality Steve, she will quickly become this season’s villain, but spoilers indicate she will make it to the hometown dates.

Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios [Image by Mitch Haaseth/ABC]

Kristina Schulman, 24, is a dental hygienist who lives in Lexington, Kentucky.

Michelle Ramkissoon, 24, lives in Los Angeles and owns a food truck. Fans can expect to see her pull up to the mansion in the truck on the Bachelor season premiere.

Elizabeth Whitelaw, 24, is a marketing manager from Dallas.

Josephine Tutman, 24, lives in Santa Cruz, California, and her ABC bio indicates she’s an unemployed nurse.

Alexis the dolphin trainer [Image by ABC Television Network]

Alexis Waters, 23, lives in Secaucus, New Jersey, where she is a dolphin trainer. Look for her to show up in a shark costume on night one. Not sure where her dolphin costume was, but perhaps producers could track down the shark that looks an awful lot like Katy Perry’s “Left Shark” from Super Bowl XLIX.

Hailey Merkt, 23, is a photographer from Vancouver.

Ida Marie DeLosSantos, 23, is a sales manager from Harlingen, Texas.

Taylor Nolan, 23, is a mental health counselor from Seattle, Washington.


The Bachelor starring Nick Viall premieres January 2, 2017, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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