‘Alaskan Bush People’ New Season Premiere Date Announced! [Spoilers]

An Alaskan Bush People Christmas special aired last night, and with it came the news fans have been eagerly awaiting. Yes, there will be another season. Even better than that, we got an actual premiere date – January 4, 2017. Probably longer than fans would like, but at this point, a month is nothing compared to how long we’ve waited so far.


Alaskan Bush People: A Browntown Christmas was extra special for both the Brown family and viewers because it included a celebration with extended family as well as the eldest son, Matt, who fans have spent a lot of time worrying about over the last few months. The end of last season saw him heading to rehab for a recently acknowledged drinking problem. Viewers have been wondering how he is, and judging by last night’s episode, he’s doing well.

The celebration also took place in the Browntown home they recently finished building in the Alaskan bush, and it’s obvious they’ve been busy. Beautifully decorated with a tree they adorned with ornaments Matt and a grownup-looking Rain made from spent shell casings. There was a nice, sweet moment when Matt reminisced about a Christmas when Rain was little and he made paper snowflakes and chains to put on the tree. He told her how much he missed her and thought about her while he was away.

The Alaskan Bush People clan exchanged gifts in the holiday episode — homemade, of course. Gifts included a sled Matt made for Bear, a knife one of the brothers made for Matt, and a music box Noah made for Rain.

In a trailer released for the upcoming season by People, father Billy Brown says, “This year is all about a self-sustaining homestead,” and one of the sons describes Browntown as “more than just, like, a little encampment. It’s becoming a town.” Maybe the new cow, Sabrina, is part of this “self-sustaining homestead.” Of course, the trailer also includes bears, both the animal and the son, the latter of whom we see running up a stream.

Fans still have many questions about the Browns and what we might see when Alaskan Bush People begins again in January. One of the major concerns is Matt’s health. By all appearances, he is much better. He appears to be strong and healthy. But ABP fans really care about the family, and many are curious about his experience at rehab and what issues he is still dealing with. Will we see him refer to his experience any more like he did, although vaguely, in the Christmas special? Has Discovery decided to just show us how he is now?

Many are also curious about Joshua’s relationship status. Reports of a serious relationship with producer Alison Kagan have been widespread and mostly based on photos Josh himself posted to social media. There have even been rumors that they are married. But the current status of their relationship has not been confirmed.

Judging by last night’s episode, Billy Brown is also in good health, something else that Alaskan Bush People fans have wondered. He and the entire family looked healthy and happy.

The Browns are no different than any other family in that they have their share of problems. Health issues, legal issues, substance abuse issues, dysfunction with extended family — these and more are things with which they and many families are unfortunately familiar. It’s part of what makes their viewers love them so. They love their flaws and the obvious love between them that sustains them through it all. And watching all the things they try to do in the wild and for Browntown is pretty cool too.

The new season of Alaskan Bush People will begin on Wednesday, January 4, 2017, at 9 p.m. ET. If you’d like to catch a few scenes from last night’s Christmas episode, you can do so on the Discovery web site.

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