Brad Pitt Reportedly Fighting For More Visits With Kids

Brad Pitt is fighting for more visits with his kids, adding a twist to a divorce process that has already proven to be bruising for the Hollywood star. Though the hearing and determination of Pitt’s request for increased access to the kids is still pending, the team of therapists working with Pitt and Angelina Jolie through their divorce is likely to decline it, going by disclosed communications between the attorneys on both sides.

As the situation stands now, Pitt is currently permitted only one visitation with the kids in a week.

Setback for Brad Pitt in fighting for more visits with his kids

If the therapists veto Pitt’s request for increased contact with his kids, the development would not only escalate tensions in Brad Pitt’s fighting for more visits with his kids, but would also add to the number of setbacks the star has already suffered in the divorce case.

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One of the disappointments Pitt recently suffered was a failed attempt to make private proceedings around the battle for child custody as it turns out that the dispute between Pitt and Jolie is becoming increasingly acrimonious, according to emails seen and reported on by TMZ.

For instance, Pitt’s lawyer, Lance Spiegel, complained in an email that the therapists have largely ignored issues raised by his clients in the child custody matter. Spiegel added that the therapy team was disregarding Pitt on custody issues despite Pitt having met child therapy process requirements.

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The major headache for Pitt in the custody battle is selling his points to the therapists because they hold sway on the child custody matter. When Pitt and Jolie entered a temporary custody arrangement, one of the areas they agreed was that the therapists would have significant say on issues of child custody.

Flight altercation

The issue of the altercation between Pitt and his 15-year-old son Maddox seems to be complicating Brad Pitt’s fighting for more visits with his kids. Investigators moved in to probe what may have transpired in a private jet flying Pitt and his family from Europe to Los Angeles after it emerged that the star had a dispute, likely a physical confrontation, with one of his sons. The FBI and DCFS completed their investigations without bringing charges against Pitt. But what occurred during the Europe-Los Angeles flight is believed to have triggered Jolie to seek a divorce from Pitt.

Jolie and Pitt have six kids between them. Besides Maddox, the others are Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10 and Knox and Vivienne, who are eight-year-old twins.

Request for more contact with kids during holiday

It turns out that back in November, Pitt through his attorney proposed to have Pitt given more access to his kids during the December holiday season. The request was for visitation sessions lasting between 30 minutes and one hour in monitored arrangements. But Jolie’s legal team rejected the request. What followed was that Pitt attempted to keep the records of the special custody request secret but the court would not grant his wish immediately. Hearing on the matter of sealing records on child custody proceedings has been scheduled for January.

But Pitt’s divorce battle seems to be affecting the performance of his latest holiday film – Allied. The movie features Pitt and Marion Cotillard. The film cost $85 million to produce, but gross only $18 million in the first five days of its release, Variety reported. That was a miserable outcome given that Disney’s Moana that generated $81.1 million in a five-day period.

Paramount Studio, the producer of Allied, expressed disappointment with the performance of the film during the important Thanksgiving weekend.

The bruising divorce battle that Pitt is having with Jolie seems to have denied him the opportunity to promote the film the way he would have done if he were free. Jolie is vigorously fighting back Pitt’s expanded child customer requests. The agreement that the couple entered into as the work their divorce has given Jolie primary customer of the kids, according to a Daily Mail report. But Pitt can only make contact with the kids once in a week. Brad Pitt keeps fighting for more visits with his kids.

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