‘Hotel Transylvania’ Is Doing Really Well … In Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania is doing well at the domestic box office, but how is it faring overseas? One region is particularly taken with the animated comedy: Transylvania.

Though you’d think that Transylvanians would be tired of Dracula jokes, the people of Romania are flocking to theaters to see the Sony film. Hotel Transylvania got a boost in foreign box office receipts, being the number one movie in Romania last week.

The film took in $140,000 which doesn’t seem like much to us, but amounts to a box office hit in Romania. The film beat out its regional competition and other American films like Taken 2, reports USA Today.

“Most of the people found the film very funny and appreciate it as being one of the best comedies of the year,” said Andrei Agudaru, project officer of the Romanian Film Promotion office. “This concept of Transylvania as (the) center of monsters/home of Dracula is getting a little bit old (but) people don’t react at it as they used to,” he says.

The film stars Adam Sandler as an over-protective parent Count Dracula to his daughter, voiced by Selena Gomez. The film has made more than $119 million domestically, and has been translated into both Romanian and Russian.

Director Genndy Tartakovsky attended the Transylvania premiere, and rubbed shoulders with the voice actors responsible for the re-dub. “It was great,” Tartakovsky said. “They haven’t had a lot of real Hollywood people come in. So they were stuck with me. It was their first big premiere.”

He also talked a bit about how the people of Transylvania are responding to the film as a culture.

“They don’t think of themselves as a monster town the way the we think of Transylvania,” says Tartakovsky. “But it was great. They were super excited for the movie.”

Did you see Hotel Transylvania?

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