‘Hamilton’ Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Rocks The Alexander Hamilton Story On ‘Drunk History’

Just when you think that Lin-Manuel Miranda has told us all there was to know, he guest stars on the show Drunk History, throws back a few drinks, and goes a bit deeper. Miranda is actually even more charming on this Comedy Central show, hosted by Baltimore County’s own Derek Waters than when he guest hosted Saturday Night Live. And just try to guess who makes a brief appearance while the cameras are running.

Ever since Lin-Manuel Miranda left the cast of Hamilton, fans have been wondering where he was going to turn up next, and many worried that they would never get to see Miranda and the original cast of Hamilton, says the Inquisitr. But Miranda promised that everyone who wants to see Hamilton with its original cast will get the opportunity, because before anyone left, they taped the play, and at some point soon, it will be available on DVD for the public. Miranda still considers Hamilton to be his baby and recently debuted a PBS special about the origin of Hamilton.

Despite the name, Drunk History is educational, telling the stories of the past that you might not have learned in school. The Los Angeles Times calls the Lin-Manuel episode of Drunk History weirdly inspiring, as it told the brutally honest story of Alexander Hamilton, who got his own musical, but wasn’t such a nice guy, or in the words of Miranda, “Hamilton Is Not a Great Dude.”


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Aside from doing an impromptu rendition of Semisonic’s “Closing Time” on the piano, Lin-Manuel Miranda started the Hamilton story in the “Exotic Caribbean Island” of Nevis. Being drunk, Miranda is a bit looser than we’ve ever seen him, and it’s kind of awesome. Miranda brings things down and makes Alexander Hamilton approachable.

“Hamilton’s just sort of tugging on [George Washington’s] sleeve, being, like, ‘Can I fight? Can you just give me a bunch of dudes and I promise I’ll be so good at this.'”

Miranda’s story of Hamilton while inebriated was so charming that it’s easy to forget that Miranda and Waters are day-drinking. Heavily. And if that isn’t weird enough, Questlove of the Roots makes a brief appearance, as he calls Lin-Manuel Miranda to ask him if it’s true that he is doing Drunk History.

But because they were filming, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s part of the conversation is included in the reenactment, and the actors playing Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton are waving hello on Burr’s phone to Questlove. Perhaps you have to see it, but it’s hysterical.

Salon says that Lin-Manuel Miranda was happy to have this opportunity to tell the story of Hamilton on Drunk History, because there are some things that you just couldn’t do on stage, like the fact that Hamilton’s ship caught on fire on its way to New York.

“Here comes sick-a** Hamilton on a flaming ship!”

But Lin-Manuel Miranda’s guest role on Drunk History is also making a statement about the show, as Miranda is kind of a big deal, and he is joining Derek Waters to day-drink and chat in a vulnerable way about his work. Add to that Questlove on the phone telling Miranda how cool it is that he is doing the show, and it sounds like Waters has reached a new level with the show.

So cheers to Lin-Manuel Miranda, Derek Waters, and Alexander Hamilton!

Have you seen the Lin-Manuel Miranda episode of Drunk History on Comedy Central?

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