‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Robert Kirkman Drops Bombshell — There Are No Zombies In ‘The Walking Dead’ World

While The Walking Dead is having a bit of a rough Season 7 with some very low ratings and a lot of criticism coming its way, the series is still one of the best on television. If you ask anyone what they love most about zombies, many are likely to say that the TV show is what they think of first. Well, that needs to change as creator Robert Kirkman has dropped the bombshell and said that zombies don’t even exist in the world of The Walking Dead.

Please note that there are some possible spoilers ahead for Season 7 of The Walking Dead and the comic book. If you don’t want to know, then stop reading now.

Robert Kirkman is easily one of the most successful comic book creators of all time and it is due to The Walking Dead. His zombie-filled world has taken readers on a fantastic journey with so many different faces, horrific deaths, and fun-filled excitement.

Over time, it spawned a television series that has been extremely successful and people have become zombie fanatics since it began. The interesting thing is that Kirkman was on Conan recently, and as recapped by E! Online, he explained that there are no zombies in that world.

“Zombie lore is very popular and we wanted to avoid that notion of ‘hey why isn’t that character just shooting that zombie in the head ‘cuz they saw all those movies I saw.'”

Well, it now makes sense as to why the survivors such as Rick Grimes and others never went straight for the heads of the Walkers or Biters as they’ve been called on The Walking Dead. The survivors never even refer to the horrific creatures as “zombies” and it is because that word is not something they are even aware of.

The creator went on to say that all of the horror movies focusing on zombies are not something that even exists. 28 Days Later and Night of the Living Dead are not in their movie libraries, so, they really don’t know how to handle the creatures they are fighting.

“We wanted to kind of give you a sense that ‘The Walking Dead’ takes place in a universe where zombie fiction doesn’t exist. No-one inside ‘The Walking Dead’ has seen a (George) Romero movie, so they can’t get the rules from that.

“We felt like having people not use the word would separate it from that, make things a little more clear.”

In the scripts for The Walking Dead, Kirkman admits he still uses the word “zombies” and actually calls it a “zombie show.” For the dialogue of each episode, though, the word is never mentioned because no one even knows it.

So, there are zombies, but there aren’t. See?

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For now, the midseason finale of The Walking Dead is quickly approaching and Kirkman keeps getting asked who is going to die in this episode or that. Undead Walking states that Kirkman admits he often gives answers that aren’t always true, but he does let them know that the names he drops are those that actually won’t die.

The Season 7 midseason finale of The Walking Dead is set to air on AMC at 9 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 11. It will be an extended 90-minute episode.

The Walking Dead is still a very popular television series despite it getting some bad press and bringing about low ratings in Season 7. Fans are still tuning in and those who decided to take a break from the show will be back. It’s just so interesting that after 6.5 seasons, Robert Kirkman drops the news that zombies don’t even exist in the universe of The Walking Dead and that is why the survivors don’t know how to handle them. It seems so odd but makes so much sense all at the same time.

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